Monday, July 19, 2010

An Open Letter to Barrack Hussein Obama

Dear Mr. President,

It’s been a year and a half now since you’ve taken office and I figure that’s enough time to see what you’ve been about.

The interesting part of all of this is that not only are we getting a chance to see what you’re up too, we are finally seeing what kind of nuts and screwballs live here in America.

I wrote a letter similar to this one a year ago just before you took office entitled “How can you fix what you don’t know Mr. President?” In it I asked questions that I thought all Americans should be asking of any President of this country.

When the letter was published I was immediately branded a racist. I had never thought of myself as being a racist. I have no hatred for black people nor do I give a great deal of thought as to whether or not they are going to marry my daughters, rape my wife or any of the other countless hateful charges that have been leveled against blacks. I always just thought of them as being just plain people. Now all of a sudden I am one of those people who believe everything negative about another group of people. Whether I believe it or not. As a result of the letters and charges made by the local liberals and Democrats I was invited not to write for the paper I wrote a column for.

I lost a position that I loved simply for the fact that I could write and entertain people and occasionally make them think a little bit. I didn’t hate you for being black, and I certainly didn’t hate you for being a Democrat. I merely wanted answers to questions of statements that you had made during your campaign. Answers that you never gave then, and haven’t and refuse to give now.

All during your campaign you promised “Hope and Change”. What Hope? What Change? When asked directly you smiled sweetly and then one of your campaign dogs moved in and took over the question. We NEVER got a specific answer from you, and now we know why.

In the past seventeen months we’ve all watched you take a country that was having problems and suddenly create disasters. Stimulus? Stimulus of what? Your buddies, supporters, and lackey’s bank accounts?

We’ve never seen a completed project that was funded by your stimulus package. We’ve never seen people actually employed as a result of it. We have seen your office lie about how many jobs it’s provided, knowing full well that those jobs never even existed. And now, to add the icing to the cake you’ve announced that your next projects and emphasis is going to be finding jobs for people who need it. You lie sir! So far all we have seen from your administration are policies and new laws that are garanteed to create more joblessness.

What happened sir? Did Michelle, the kids and you have a movie night and you happened to watch “Evil Dave”.

Frankly sir, if you did the ending of that movie would be the perfect ending of your administration. Drop dead in front of Congress while accepting the responsibility for your stupidity and let us get on with fixing the problems you created.

Let’s see; So far you’ve managed to destroy the auto industry. You’ve driven our economy to the very brink of bankruptcy. You’ve destroyed our reputation and integrity as a nation, and now you are trying with all your might to destroy its people!

You’ve appointed more Czars to the most ridiculous positions imaginable and made them answerable ONLY to you. And to top it off the majority of those people are either deviant, left wing radicals who would gladly see us marched to the gas chambers, or just plain nuts.

Over the past year and a half you and your minions in the Democratic Party have worked toward creating a Health Care bill that will do nothing but kill Americans. At the very least it will drive all of us into poverty, and kill businesses. And when it suddenly found itself lying on the senate floor dying a slow and righteous death, you come up with your own health care plan that’s even worse than that piece of excrement. Then you invited the Republicans to come discuss it with you. Was there beer there also?

For what it’s worth to anyone, if any Republican meets with you on this matter so that you can rubber stamp it through by attaching it to an appropriations bill, they are nothing but traitors. Traitors to the Republican Party, the people, and to this nation.

You have been the President of our nation for over almost two years now, and yet the American People don’t know who you are sir. Your past is as cloudy as a glass of milk and your future is even cloudier. You have taken every effort that you could and spent millions of dollars keeping your secrets from the American people. All the while you and your supporters have done everything you possibly could to denigrate us for being American.

When we, as Americans have chosen to exercise our rights under the Constitution of the United States … well! We are branded by your supporters as being violent extremist,racist,tea-baggers, Astroturf, and un-American. What could be more American?

Mr. President, you’re destroying lives. American lives and you’re doing it with the full knowledge of what you’re doing. God will judge you for what you’ve done to us. I only hope the American people don’t judge you before he does.

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