Sunday, February 19, 2017

When did News quit being News and start to be Propaganda?

Having been in Journalism for nearly thirty years in one form or another, I write this blog to vent my spleen and from time to time make people think a little bit.

Back when I first started for a local paper in Brookneal, Virginia, I was taught, often the hard way, that when you reported the news you were required to get facts. If the facts weren't there you didn't make up facts. You reported the news straight. You didn't add personal opinions, you just reported the event whatever it was and that was it.

As the years went by I discovered that there actually was a collection of volumes of what was known as Journalism Law, which very clearly stated what was or was not acceptable when reporting the news. These were compiled from court cases and other incidents that had taken place over the years. The crux of  the matter was that while the First Amendment did indeed apply, if the content was not true and damaging to an individual or organization the reporter or news organization responsible would pay a price.

In short, the news was reported impartially and as humanly accurately as possible. There was no slant to it, there was no double meaning, and there was no personal bias. Now it seems that most of the major news organization are doing everything that they can to destroy President Trump, or at the very least make his policies or attempts to solve this nations problems problematic. It's clear that when the man calls these news organizations out for printing or broadcasting "Fake News", they go into meltdown mode and go on the attack. Frankly there is only one News organization I trust, and to be honest there are times when I question their impartiality. But they seem to do the best job of broadcasting the news, while the others start pitching fits like two years old.

What pisses me off more than anything is that fact that these morons deliberately broadcast news that is twisted and inaccurate driving the American people into a frenzy over bullshit, and the American people are stupid enough to believe it. But then it seems there is now a certain segment of the American people who are looking for any excuse to riot and destroy anything they can. It doesn't matter that in many cases it took other people years to build up a business that is destroyed in just moments. And if you look at it carefully you can trace it all right back to the feet of the news organizations printing and broadcasting lies or as El Presidente calls it, "Fake News". 

As a journalist, this type of news reporting is disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach. How dare they take a profession that is supposed to keep the people informed, tell the truth, and above all be impartial and pervert it like this. Edward R. Morrow must be spinning in his grave.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


So Far Trump's first one hundred days have been at the very least interesting and in reality a monumental cluster-fuck.

Interestingly, not because Trump or the majority of his staff are incompetent boobs, but more because the media and the Democratic Party are doing everything they can do bring Trump's administration crashing down around his head. I sat back and looked at the history of the presidents and discovered that Democratic Presidents have pulled even bigger boners that Trump or his team and no one mentioned it or even brought the subject up. Obama being a case in point. During his first campaign he railed about the economy and the national debt and then when he got into office he immediately raised the debt ceiling, gave trillions of dollars to cronies and bailed out companies "To big to fail". What the fuck! If a company is failing let it fail. There was something fundamentally wrong with it to begin with.  Even after all of this nothing was said by either the Democrats or even the Republicans.

What pisses me of more than anything was that damned Obamacare. I, and others screamed and yelled about what would happen with this piece of shit (and it did) yet when a member of Congress found his balls and stood up and told Obama that he was lying. So what does the Congress do? They censure him before congress. It didn't matter that the guy was right and when Obama care passed it was proven.

Look, Trump seems to be a screwball, but the fact of the matter is that he is attempting to keep all of his campaign promises. What President in the history of this country ever did that? The Democrats have stated that they will do everything they possibly can to sabotage anything that Trump attempts to do and have done everything they could to agitate the people. Turns out that this bullshit the actors and others spouted about leaving the country if Trump got elected was exactly that. Bullshit. I haven't seen anyone leave yet.

With regard to the illegal immigrants trying to sneak into Canada, well Canada will take anyone and proved it during the Vietnam War. As for the illegal roundups by ICE. That one was a bit of a surprise, and frankly I think that Trump might have over stepped himself there. But don't you find it interesting that all of a sudden what is law has become a weapon in the Democratic arsenal of civil unrest? Now the dweebs are pulling exactly what the Republicans did and are comparing Trump with Hitler and comparing him to the burning of the Rieshstach, and that he will do what Hitler did. Take total and absolute control. It doesn't matter to them that if that bitch Clinton had made it into office we would have gone farther down the crapper that we already have.

I'm so fucking tired of this crap. Come on people, instead of rioting and destroying businesses that it took some poor smuck years to billed up take up a hobby or something productive. All you're doing is making asses out of yourselves and making America into a farce.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Alright, I was pissed and I was more than a little irratated.

What? You don't get ticked off from time to time?? I entered melt down mode when I was informed that I now had to pay $140.00 a month out of an SSI check that I am barely making it on to begin with. Problem is that the government talks about minimum wage at $15.00 an hour when in reality they pay the retired and walking wounded less than .63 cents an hour and expects them to smile sweetly and bend over without the benefit of a reach around. Then they expect you to pay for your own medicines to boot! Which by the way cost higher than a giraffes asshole to start with, so you then have to make the decision of whether or not you're going to eat for that week or survive by dumpster diving. Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt. Don't like it and certainly don't recommend it. Yet the government expects you to do your part to help the country.

Over the last two hundred or so years we have gone from a nation that could actually take care of itself, to a nation that is so regulated and govenmentize we can't even take a shit without being taxed for it. It has even gotten to the point where the government was actually considering taxing us for the rain that fell on the roofs of the buildings we used or lived in. No Kidding! Anything for the all holy dollar.

My point is this. As a nation our government is failing. We sit by while the political parties use every dirty trick they can think of to discredit Presidential nominees, without even giving a thought as to the damage it does to the individual or his or her family. They don't care, and for the most part it seems that the American people don't care either. What happened guys? Some where along the line you loose your sense of honor? Our government is failing and you sit back as though you don't give a rat's ass. Oh, I get it! As long as it doesn't interfere with your football games, television, or beer, then it's ok. Jesus! What a bunch of losers. I guess it's true. All of the real Americans are serving in the military so you can sit on your asses. Guess that makes them look like a bunch of horses asses, doesn't it? I mean, after all they're willing to put their lives on the line just so a bunch of lazy couch potatoes can just sit there and do nothing.

What pisses me off more than anything else is the fact that ever since Obama, the rest of the world had come to look upon America as a joke and in all probability easy pickings. Lets see, Iran, gets sanctions added on for violating that joke of a treaty and then in response launches five more the day after the sanctions, like its daring us to do something. I don't know about Trump, but my response would be to call a special session of the middle east nations and make arrangements to bomb the shit out of them and destroy their nuclear capabilities. What bunker busters 24/7 for three months? I'd say that would pretty much get the message across. It would also show the rest of the world that pissing us off is not a good idea. Especially the Chinese and Russians. But hey! That's just me. I don't have a clue what Trump is thinking about, and from the looks of it neither does he.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Kiss the Darkest Part of my Lilly White Ass!!!

Today was the day! I have finally reached the point where I have absolutely no respect for my government or the self centered, self aggrandizing, self serving, politicians that comprise the government of the United States. They are nothing but a bunch of greedy ass wipes who have no other purpose in life than to serve their own personal needs and the needs of their political cronies, and this includes that horses ass Trump!

I am sitting here watching a congress and Senate play piss ant games with each other concerning nominations of Trump's cabinet, and I am watching Trump back away from promises that he made during his campaign. I personally don't give a flying fuck about his immigration orders, and I care even less about Dodd Frank. What I care about is the fact that because of Obama and his fucking Obamacare, I suddenly find that I don't make enough money in a month to live like a human-being. All thanks to Medicare and the money that those pricks are now suddenly taking out of my SSI. Hell I was barely making it with what I was getting. Now I have to apply for food stamps, and find a way to generate some sort of income that doesn't violate the income rules for SSI. Which in this part of the country is next to impossible. Oh by the way....I live in Alamogordo, NM. If god were to give the planet an enema, this is where he would stick the tube in. Where am I, a one legged sixty-five year old man is going to find a job or extra income in a town where the first actual grocery store in this town was established thee years ago?

What pisses me off more than anything else is the fact that despite what Trump and our Representatives try and tell us, they actually don't give a fly fuck about us. All they care about is what they can gain financially and personally. Screw Them! They are nothing more than a bunch of crooks who think that we are so stupid that we can't figure out what the hell they are doing.

As for Trump. yeah ok, he's keeping his promises that he made during the campaign, but who the fuck cares. When are the Congress, Senate, and the President goin to start looking and solving the problems the every day people  are dealing with. I'm starving to death and you talk about a poverty line that I would happen to be at because I could live like a human-being. I make less than  $6,000 a year, and I am supposed to survive on this?

For all of you out there reading this and going "boohoo poor bill" , fuck you! You try living on nothing. I eat once meal a day and the rest of my money goes to rent, internet, and medicine co-pay's. I understand that Alpo dog food taste pretty good if prepared right. I guess that I am going to find out. The only problem is that based on the diet I'll have to eat and the fact that I can only afford to each once a day, I'll be dead before I'm seventy. Which is probably what the government wants anyway.

Wake up government. The American people are about to wake up and stuff your own dicks straight up your asses.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Its getting harder and harder to support an individual that has constantly proven to be an idiot. I am of course speaking of our dear President.

Almost on a daily basis he has continually showed America and the rest of the world what a moron he is proving to be, and it's beginning to look like his staff and advisors have totally lost control of his actions. Up until  this point I didn't even know that there actually was a POTUS account on Twitter. Perhaps it would be a good idea for Twitter to revoke his account. Jesus Christ! I have never in my life seen anyone alienate so many countries so quickly as this clown has. USE YOUR HEAD DUMMY!! It is possible to accomplish the things you want to accomplish without pissing everyone off. At the rate you're going we'll be at war, either a civil war, or a war with some other country within the next six months.

His most recent escapade with the immigration order is probably the stupidest thing he's done to date. While I agree that something has to be done, there are better ways of doing it. So far you've managed to piss off most of America and the world because you didn't use your head. So what happens next?

I never liked Obama, but at least he made an effort to maintain the dignity of the office of the Presidency, and even though he resorted to tactics that I found distasteful, he didn't pick fights with the rest of the world on Twitter, and tried to maintain relations with our allies. The issue of Mexico could have been dealt with differently and in a manner that may have pissed them off, but not to the point where they wanted to cross the border in force and kick our asses.

Now we have the problem of California wanting to leave the Union and become a nation in its own right. Having lived in California for several years that might not be such a bad thing, but if they do, it opens the door for the dissolution of the entire country and quite possibly civil war. History will repeat itself since it was the succession of several Southern States in the 1860's that started that one, and frankly having California as a country sitting on our western border kind of frightens me. California may be the land of fruits and nuts, but the idea of pissing them off is not a bright one.

I am begging you sir, shut your cake hole, listen to your advisors, think things through carefully and when you take action be reasonable and don't take action by kicking everyone in the nuts. Take a step back and start again, this time be presidential and for the love of God, stop using Twitter!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Eating a little crow, maybe....

Ok, so I make mistakes, and on occasion I get sucked in on certain stories. That last one being a case in point. In preparation for doing my level best to burn the Trump I started doing some serious research and made some discoveries that sat me back on my butt.

Some of the things that I discovered I personally didn't like, some I did like, and some I have to admit that I never thought that I would ever see. One of the things that I at least raised an eyebrow over was the ever popular pipeline from Canada to the Southern Coast of America. Obama had put the cabash on that one, yet within a matter of days Trump signed an order removing the restrictions Obama had put in place allowing the construction of the Pipeline to move forward. More jobs, and a move toward making America energy independent. I personally am not sure of what the environmental impact is going to be, and frankly at this stage of the game I don't particularly care. Not because I am anti-environmentalist, far from it, but because this is one of those political bullshit scenarios that has been driving the country crazy and it needs to end. I also point out that the oil company still has to apply for the permits, which in all probability they won't get for environmental reasons. (catch 22).

The next thing is the fact that Trump stopped a shitload of money from going to the Palestinians which Obama ordered sent to them at the last moment before leaving office. COME ON!! You know what that money is going to be used for. While I was in the Army I had the occasion to be sent to Israel from Germany as an advisor during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Let me tell you, the Arabs hate the Jews with a passion that can only be compared to that of Nazi Germany, and given the chance they will do anything in their power to destroy them.

Trump it seems has been very busy keeping as many of his campaign promises as he can, given the circumstances. He himself, has admitted that some of the things he promised are going to take time because of the slowness of Congress, which it is well known takes it time to do even the simplest things. One thing he did was order that the "Wall" begin construction immediately. What people don't seem to realize is that several years ago Congress ordered that a Wall be built. Part of it was built but then for some reason they lost interest in it. All Trump did was tell them to get off their asses. The problem that I see here is that Trump has stated the Mexican Government is going to pay for it, and the Mexicans promptly gave him a single digit salute. Trump replied that he would impose a tariff on anything coming into the country from Mexico and that's how they would pay for it. You know, for a business man, I have to admit that his concept of economics is a little screwed. If he adds a 20% tariff to all of the shit that comes from Mexico we are the ones going to pay for it in the form of higher prices and Mexico is going to be laughing its ass off because they in reality won't have to spend a cent. What Trump should have done is just say we'll pay for the damned thing and tell the Mexicans to bite the big fuzzy one.

I will say, that unlike many of his predecessors, he has actually met with the majority of the Union Leaders and had talks with them concerning jobs and job security. Which is a point in his favor. Unions Leaders aren't known to give an inch on anything. Whatever he said or told them must have been a humdinger.

One thing that I will say for Trump is that his belief in America is great. Which may be why he wants to make America Great Again. (Yeah yeah I know) There are a great many other things that he has to deal with, Obamacare being one of them, but at the end of his first one hundred days we'll have a better look at what's happening.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Well, now we know..

Well, with a thundering clap we have suddenly determined exactly what kind of President the Trump is going to make, and frankly I have to admit that despite his foibles maybe the Obamanator might not have been quite as bad as we thought.

What does this monumental prick do??? Well, first of all no sooner is he sworn into office, he signs several orders concerning the appointment of his cabinet, but at the same time he also signs an order raising taxes. The we find out that the deal he worked with Boeing to replace Air Forces one is to take a step backwards and go from the 747 aircraft, which is basically an armored flying war room to the Boeing A25 which is essentially the flying piece of shit he's using as his personal jet. No emergency electronics, no armor, no in flight anti-missile chaff, and certainly no way of running our nation in the event of war. In actuality it's nothing more than a way to run and hide if he has to. How chickenshit can you get? The Art of the Deal my Ass!

I could be wrong, but its beginning to look as if the American People screwed themselves again. What's next? Sure they can get rid of Obamacare, but what are they going to put in its place? Oh yeah, I forgot, they are going to make it possible for the American people to purchase health insurance across state lines, and give the states more control over Medicaid and Medicare, which is a little like trying to put a forest fire out by pissing on it.

You mark my words, by the time this asshole is finished we are either going to be in the middle of a monumental Civil War, or we will have entered into a dark period that will make the dark ages of Europe look like a picnic.

Start stocking up America, its the only way you and yours are going to survive.