Tuesday, May 23, 2017


As I sit at my desk and watch the desert doves through the window as they build their nests and coo at one another, I am having a difficult time digesting the barbarity that has taken place in Manchester, England.

            So many children, young people and their parents murdered because of a sick and twisted ideology that purports to be the word of God, but in fact is nothing more than a lie. How could it be anything else but a lie? The God I know, the one true God, or Allah if you wish, would not sanctify murder and carnage such as this. It is the dogma of man that supports this kind of thing. As far as I know there are two versions of the Koran’, the one for the Sunni and the one for the Shite. One speaks of peace and love for his fellow man, and the other speaks of conversion to Islam or death. I find it difficult to believe that God, or Allah would encourage the murder of children.

            Over the past few months, President Trump has created a great deal of controversy with his Executive orders banning immigration from certain Muslim countries. Is it unfair? Of course, it is, but in light of what we are seeing, perhaps it is prudent.

            I lived in England for several years. I have visited Manchester, and many other parts of that wonderful Island, and I can tell you that as a people they were kind, curious, and friendly toward me. They did not deserve this. And most especially the children, young people and parents did not deserve what has taken place. Is England perfect? No, it’s not. But as the years have passed things have changed and so have people. The British most of all I think.

            I think that it is time for us to consider what must be done to stop this tragic blood shed by a people who honestly believe that when they die they will go to paradise. It is time to show them the error of their way and that God, Allah, or whatever you conceive the deity you worship will send you to rot in hell for taking the lives of the innocent who know nothing of politics, or the darker side of mankind.

            In the past I have spoken about the eradication of these animals, but now I have to wonder how we can stop and convince them that this is not the answer. My heart goes out to the survivors, and to the victims. It goes out to those who have spent the past many hours trying to help them, and to those who have opened their home to those in need of help. To the Doctors and nurse who are trying desperately to save lives and often times failing. To all of them, you have my prayers for what they are worth, and the hope that God hears me and will finally bring peace to all of us.