Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First One Hundred plus Days of the Trumpster

Well, out of fairness I gave him his first one hundred days just to see what would happen. Not, of course out of fairness, but because I wanted to see if he could actually pull it off or come out of it looking like the obvious idiot that he is. He had a few moments when he did relatively good, such as with the Syrian debacle, which in my estimation may be a little questionable. So far he’s been pulled into court twice with his immigration policy, The Obamacare repeal and replace has turned into a cluster f-ck, and his big mouth is giving away classified information to our adversaries. Jesus! What a Yob.

On many different occasions, I have stated that he could at least act a little more Presidential, and so far, he seems to be getting closer to the deep in of the pool. He also seems to be running the White House like he ran his reality TV Show “The Apprentice”, firing people left and right. Not to mention that somewhere in the White House someone is leaking everything he says and does on a regular basis. Which of course is designed to do everything it can to discredit his administration. And of course, the media and press is eating it up like a wolf goes after a piece of raw meat, making sure that the public knows everything that’s going on whether it’s true or not. I trust the press about as much as I can throw their collective asses, and frankly there are times when I trust myself even less. But hey! This is my blog and these are my opinions so it doesn’t really matter, I guess. I do try to get it right, but occasionally I screw the pooch.

Throughout it all, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if those damned Democrats and those moronic Republicans would finally get their shit together and stop the silliness that is going on in both the House and Senate. It’s obvious that these asswipes on both sides of the isle have absolutely no interest in serving the people who elected them. They certainly aren’t doing us any good, and all they seem to be doing is towing the party line. Which, as it turns out is nothing more than an anchor around our necks where we ultimately pay the price, either financially or even our lives. I’ve written this blog for years in the hope that someone would listen, but in reality its turned into a monumental session in self stimulation, if you know what I mean.

Despite all of this I would still be willing to give Trump a chance if the media and those turkeys in the Congress would back off and start doing the job they were actually hired to do. However, with North Korea, ISIS, and Russia after our butts, he had better get his own stuff together, stay the hell off of Twitter, and gain a true understanding of what it means to be a President. You don’t run a country on social media, and you certainly don’t make arbitrary decisions without thinking about what you are doing. If you continue to do so, you, yourself might hear those words you have made so famous. “Your Fired!”