Sunday, February 19, 2017

When did News quit being News and start to be Propaganda?

Having been in Journalism for nearly thirty years in one form or another, I write this blog to vent my spleen and from time to time make people think a little bit.

Back when I first started for a local paper in Brookneal, Virginia, I was taught, often the hard way, that when you reported the news you were required to get facts. If the facts weren't there you didn't make up facts. You reported the news straight. You didn't add personal opinions, you just reported the event whatever it was and that was it.

As the years went by I discovered that there actually was a collection of volumes of what was known as Journalism Law, which very clearly stated what was or was not acceptable when reporting the news. These were compiled from court cases and other incidents that had taken place over the years. The crux of  the matter was that while the First Amendment did indeed apply, if the content was not true and damaging to an individual or organization the reporter or news organization responsible would pay a price.

In short, the news was reported impartially and as humanly accurately as possible. There was no slant to it, there was no double meaning, and there was no personal bias. Now it seems that most of the major news organization are doing everything that they can to destroy President Trump, or at the very least make his policies or attempts to solve this nations problems problematic. It's clear that when the man calls these news organizations out for printing or broadcasting "Fake News", they go into meltdown mode and go on the attack. Frankly there is only one News organization I trust, and to be honest there are times when I question their impartiality. But they seem to do the best job of broadcasting the news, while the others start pitching fits like two years old.

What pisses me off more than anything is that fact that these morons deliberately broadcast news that is twisted and inaccurate driving the American people into a frenzy over bullshit, and the American people are stupid enough to believe it. But then it seems there is now a certain segment of the American people who are looking for any excuse to riot and destroy anything they can. It doesn't matter that in many cases it took other people years to build up a business that is destroyed in just moments. And if you look at it carefully you can trace it all right back to the feet of the news organizations printing and broadcasting lies or as El Presidente calls it, "Fake News". 

As a journalist, this type of news reporting is disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach. How dare they take a profession that is supposed to keep the people informed, tell the truth, and above all be impartial and pervert it like this. Edward R. Morrow must be spinning in his grave.