Tuesday, February 14, 2017


So Far Trump's first one hundred days have been at the very least interesting and in reality a monumental cluster-fuck.

Interestingly, not because Trump or the majority of his staff are incompetent boobs, but more because the media and the Democratic Party are doing everything they can do bring Trump's administration crashing down around his head. I sat back and looked at the history of the presidents and discovered that Democratic Presidents have pulled even bigger boners that Trump or his team and no one mentioned it or even brought the subject up. Obama being a case in point. During his first campaign he railed about the economy and the national debt and then when he got into office he immediately raised the debt ceiling, gave trillions of dollars to cronies and bailed out companies "To big to fail". What the fuck! If a company is failing let it fail. There was something fundamentally wrong with it to begin with.  Even after all of this nothing was said by either the Democrats or even the Republicans.

What pisses me of more than anything was that damned Obamacare. I, and others screamed and yelled about what would happen with this piece of shit (and it did) yet when a member of Congress found his balls and stood up and told Obama that he was lying. So what does the Congress do? They censure him before congress. It didn't matter that the guy was right and when Obama care passed it was proven.

Look, Trump seems to be a screwball, but the fact of the matter is that he is attempting to keep all of his campaign promises. What President in the history of this country ever did that? The Democrats have stated that they will do everything they possibly can to sabotage anything that Trump attempts to do and have done everything they could to agitate the people. Turns out that this bullshit the actors and others spouted about leaving the country if Trump got elected was exactly that. Bullshit. I haven't seen anyone leave yet.

With regard to the illegal immigrants trying to sneak into Canada, well Canada will take anyone and proved it during the Vietnam War. As for the illegal roundups by ICE. That one was a bit of a surprise, and frankly I think that Trump might have over stepped himself there. But don't you find it interesting that all of a sudden what is law has become a weapon in the Democratic arsenal of civil unrest? Now the dweebs are pulling exactly what the Republicans did and are comparing Trump with Hitler and comparing him to the burning of the Rieshstach, and that he will do what Hitler did. Take total and absolute control. It doesn't matter to them that if that bitch Clinton had made it into office we would have gone farther down the crapper that we already have.

I'm so fucking tired of this crap. Come on people, instead of rioting and destroying businesses that it took some poor smuck years to billed up take up a hobby or something productive. All you're doing is making asses out of yourselves and making America into a farce.