Friday, June 16, 2017

An Open Letter to Congress

During the past forty-eight hours the horror that is now our country has reared its ugly head once again with the attempted assassination of members of the Republican Party at a baseball practice, and the wounding of several members, most notably Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise. What is interesting is the sudden unity that is being shown between the Democratic Party (with a few certain exceptions) and the Republican Party. The only problem with that is that within the next several hours that unity will cease and evaporate, and we will once again see a congress that is at each other’s throats with a vengeance. Already the Democrats are saying that it is the fault of the Republicans that this happened. Nancy Pelosi has already stated that it is the Republicans fault this happened. As an American Citizen I can only say that both Nancy and Maxine together have the brain power of a cumquat.

            As an ersatz representative of the American people, I feel it is necessary to state the following with the hope that one of you morons listens. I say morons simply because that is the way you are acting.

            If I were to have the opportunity to stand before Congress, this is what I would say to all of you.

            First of all, whether you like it or not Donald J. Trump was elected the President of the United States. We the people elected him. It wasn’t the Republican Party nor was it the Democratic Party; it actually was members of both parties. The reason is because the Democratic Candidate ran a shit campaign, and to be perfectly honest the American People aren’t so stupid that they couldn’t see what was going on. Trump may be inexperienced, but the fact is, he was telling the American People what we wanted and needed to hear, and as hard as he seems to be trying, all of you people seem to be intent on keeping him from doing what needs to be done.  STOP IT!

            The majority of us are fed up with your childish baloney. The Democrats need to start telling those who would resort to violence and the violations of the Constitution by rioting and protesting the First Amendment to stop. Discourse is an exchange of ideas that you can either agree with, or disagree with but generally you can learn from one another or not as it pleases you. You don’t even have to go and listen. But it is not an excuse to hurt people, burn and destroy businesses that in many cases took years to build up, or generally act like animals. This applies to you Republicans also.

            Despite the terrible wounding of Congressman Scalise, this could be the pivotal moment when both parties can look critically at the situation that has over taken our country, put aside party politics and work together to solve the problems that are plaguing our nation and its economy. Ignore who has the majority in the House or Senate and start working together. If a Democrat has a good idea then he should find a Republican with a similar idea and work with him or her to flesh it out and make it a bill that has enough merit that both would either vote for or against it.

            As an American Citizen, I can tell you that we are getting pretty pissed off with all of the time wasting you people are doing with trying to prove the President is a smuck and continually coming up with nothing. What is it? If you tell a lie long enough and hard enough it suddenly becomes the Truth?  You people have work to do, quit wasting time and our money. If this continues you are in danger of this nation’s government collapsing all together, leaving us open to attack from our enemies.

            The one thing that all of you have forgotten is the fact that it does not matter who voted you into office, it does not matter what state you are from, and it does not matter what party you belong too. Once you take the oath to serve and take your seat in either the senate or house, you not only represent the people who elected you, but you also represent every American Citizen in this Great Nation.  Stop playing games and get to work. We demand it!