Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Mexico; The Dream

Sometimes I get a little bit frustrated because I continually run into Republicans and New Mexicans who seem for all intents and purposes not to care about what is going on around them.

I started a new blog called “A Republican’s Rant” just so that I could vent my spleen a little bit, but then I realized that it wasn’t enough!

Somehow I need to make all of you understand that this isn’t about me getting into office. It’s about New Mexico. It’s about a state that I was born in, raised in for the most part, and that I love. It is about the most unique place in the entire world.

Legends were born here; great literature has come from its people and lives on in history. The Atomic Bomb was developed here and the world changed completely.

And somehow in the past fifty or so years as a state and a people we’ve lost that spark that makes us who we are, makes us more special than any other group of people or any other state.

When I stand in front of a group of people and tell them that New Mexico for the first time in its history can change the nation and the world, I’m not saying it because that’s what I think the people want to hear. I’m saying it because I believe it with all of my heart! I truly believe that New Mexico can and if allowed by its people will change the world for the better!

I don’t care about your money or contributions! The only reason I ask for it is because I need it to get the message of New Mexico out. To make people aware and to wake them up to the greatness that is New Mexico.

I’m not running for office because I think I’m something special, I am running because I believe that if things remain the way they are nothing is going to get done. I’m running because I have a dream that I want to share with all New Mexicans and because I want to see it come to pass. I am running because I believe that if New Mexico can show the way then the rest of the nation will follow, and if the rest of the nation follows then there is still hope for our country.

The Spell of New Mexico