Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have been asked many times what my platform for New Mexico is. Simply put it is, New Mexico Now and New Mexico First!

For far to long New Mexico has been treated like an unwanted redheaded stepchild. Ignored for the most part, and being forced to live on the laurels of its past history.

What is unfortunate is that New Mexico, despite all of this, is in truth a viable and thriving state, full of people who are intelligent and creative. The problem is that the younger generation has no knowledge of this, and the older generation has forgotten it.

I believe in New Mexico, and I believe in its people. I also believe that if the people of New Mexico can wake up they will believe it also.

When I address groups of people and state that for the first time in the history of New Mexico we have a chance to lead the nation and the world into the future I get nothing but blank stares. This means that they are the problem and not the solution.

What is my Platform? It is this;

  •  Wake up the Citizens of this state and make them realize that there are viable and workable answers to the problems we are currently facing.
  •  Restore our Pride and our will to succeed and achieve the greatness New Mexico richly deserves.
  •  Create a new industrial revolution within the state that brings high tech jobs and industry to the state.
  •  Solve the current water issues by using the resources currently available and applying those solutions to the problem.
  •  Re-establishing transportation routes that were closed due to military intervention and making the state more accessible both within and without of the state.
  •  Create more jobs and educational opportunities for the citizens of our state.
  •  Keep our children and youth within the state with new and better opportunities.
  •  Help to provide a sound and stable economy that gives relief and security to our citizens.
  •  Help to make the state the new center for the Commercial Space Industry.
  •  Create renewable energy resources that will benefit the state and its citizens.
  •  Eliminate EPA control over our natural resources making them available for use and proper management to include our forestry products.
  •  Secure our borders and the ability of our law enforcement agencies to enforce federal laws already established.
  •  Work toward a fair flat tax that enables commerce and growth within out state and country.
  •  Fight for the right of our state and others to govern themselves with less Federal intervention and to protect states right under the Constitution of the United States.
  •  Less Government.
  •  A balanced budget.
  •  The total repeal of Federal Health care and all imposed taxes already being collected for said health care.
  •  Protect restore the rights of our Veterans, both active duty and retired.
  •  Work toward Tort reform for Health Care.
  •  Work toward term limits
  •  Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.