Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wisconsin - The New First Shot Heard around the World??

It is a sad state of affairs when the social economical and political scene in America breaks down into two separate groups. Those who are willing to work hard and give back to the community while achieving the American Dream and those who demand that the American dream be provided to them because they feel it is their right.

Over the past several weeks we have watched as the state legislature of Wisconsin, and Governor Scott Walker have fended off the efforts of both the Unions and the Liberal Democrats as they have tried disparately to meet the mandate of the majority of the people of Wisconsin.

Interestingly, Governor Walker was forced to make radical changes within a state government that is economically ready to implode. Part of that problem is in fact the Unions and collective bargaining which is no longer sustainable within the state’s economical difficulties.

The Unions and the Liberal Democrats would have you believe that this action will cost jobs and destroy families when it fact this action will in the end ultimately save those jobs. It will save them simply because in the end there will be money to pay them and they will retain their jobs. Simple No? Simple no…in fact what is now about to happen is that the liberal leeches are no longer going to be in a position where they can live high on the hog with their ridiculous retirement packages. Such a package is the Emeritus Program where a retiring teacher signs up, gets a full years paycheck in advance for the promise of work just three days over a three year period for the school system.

That’s just an example of the craziness that is being perpetrated on the people of Wisconsin.

And yet the Unions are willing to resort to any tactic they can to prevent their grip on the American, not just the Wisconsin, people from being loosened.

There was a time in American history when Unions became a necessity, and they in fact helped the American worker at a time when it was desperately needed. Now that has changed.

Union workers are required to pay to the union a certain percentage of their wages. The original ideal behind this was so as to create an emergency fund that would protect and help workers take care of themselves and their families if they were even forced to go out on an extended strike. Now it does nothing but line the pockets of the Union officials who are supposed to be there to help the workers they represent, and in reality the Union worker still suffers. Yet somehow the Unions and the Liberals are able to whip these people into such frenzy that they are even willing to resort to not only threats of recall elections, but death threats. Something the Tea Party NEVER did.

The Democratic Liberals are now announcing that this is going to be the big issue of the 2012 elections and that no longer will Republicans destroy America…. Hmmmm…sounds familiar doesn’t it?

What the yobs don’t realize is that it was the people who voted the liberals out of office and gave the Republicans the mandate to fix the problems “They” created. When the Republicans began to do the job that was given them, the liberals and Unions saw the writing on the wall and are now in panic mode.

Now, more than ever, All Conservatives, Tea Party members, and even the Independents are going to have to become more entrenched in their own solidarity as a political group, or we could face the very real danger of loosing everything that was gained in the past election and Obama could get a second term. Should that happen it could represent the death knell for the United States as we know it, and the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights.

Today is my 59th birthday. In 59 years I have lived through ten Presidents, 4 Wars, and 1 police action. I have watched as the youth of America have stood up to be counted, sometimes offering the supreme sacrifice in order to defend an idea of freedom. In the meantime I have watched as slowly and insidiously those freedoms have been quietly taken away from us without our realization or real knowledge. Yet some how the idea persist.

Now it is time for those of us here on the home front to stand and fight that which destroys our country and take back what is ours by Divine Right. Our Freedoms and the true meaning of the Constitution of the United States. It is time for us to stand against those would treat us like little children, telling us when to eat when to sleep, and what we must say to the rest of the world in order to be proper and polite little robots.

Benjamin Franklin once said; They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

If you don’t get out there and fight for what is right, what are you giving up??

The Minutemen and Their World (American Century)