Monday, October 17, 2011

Obama's Administration is Corrupt!!

Over the past several months I have been watching the situation with regard to “Fast and Furious”, Solyndra, the Unions, Occupy Wall Street, and Obama’s jobs bill with a  great deal of interest. 

While to many it may seem somewhat confusing and more of informational overload than anything else, I believe that I can actually make some sense of the whole thing. 

The one thing that I can say with a certain amount of certainty is that it is beginning to look like the Obama Administration is turning out to be the most corrupt administration this government has ever seen. Even more so than Nixon and Watergate. 

With regard to Solyndra I ask the question; just how much was the involvement between the White House and Solyndra, and how much money changed hands? While for the moment we cannot ascertain as to whether or not this is indeed the case, it strikes me as odd that Solyndra has received huge amounts of money for projects that by all rights and under normal circumstances would require massive amounts of vetting and analysis before even being considered for such loan guarantees by the government. Apparently this didn’t happen. Yeah I know that on the record it may appear to have taken place, but if you look carefully this process was accomplished in record time, and there were numerous short cuts taken. More amazing is the fact that Solyndra was asking for more and a restructuring of the loan knowing full well at the time they were about to declare Bankruptcy. Were it not for the fact that the conservative media caught wind of the fact, I doubt seriously that the American people would have ever learned of this. 

Operation Fast and Furious is another classic example as to the depths of corruption the Administration is willing to go to. Since when in the history of the ATF prior to this have they advanced a program to put guns into the hands of criminals and drug cartels? Representative Issa has already proven the case. He has also gathered evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder perjured himself before Congress when he stated that he knew nothing of Fast and Furious until it was brought to his attention by Congress. In any other “honest” Administration his resignation would have been demanded immediately upon this little discovery. Yet it now seems that he was in on it from the beginning. Representative Issa also seems to have produced evidence that the White House was fully aware of the operation and supported it. To add insult to injury rumors are now circulating that this whole operation was intended to make it possible for the government AND the United Nations to create treaties and more draconian regulations re: gun control. Thus circumventing the Constitution and the Second Amendment.  

We know that the Obama Administration has violated the United States Constitution in so many different ways that the document that was the basis for the foundation of America now resembles something that looks like its been run through a paper shedder. 

Here I ask the question; what Presidential Administration in the history of this country has ever had an open door policy to Union Leaders? Why is it excusable for Union Leaders not to be prosecuted for acts of violence against any and all who refuse to join their Unions or pay their Union dues? People are being maimed and killed by these obviously orchestrated acts of violence and no one is being held accountable. And Congress has given them a free pass. This is disgusting and reprehensible.  

What is it going to take for the American People to wake up and see what is happening?! 

As far as occupy Wall Street is concerned. Come on people! Look carefully at this and see it for what it is. Marx and Lenin used these tactics in order to ensure that Communism took control of Russia. In the end it was the party leaders who had the most and there ultimately was absolutely no wealth what so ever to redistribute. The simple fact is the wealthy pay over thirty percent of the over all taxes in this nation and now these clowns demand that they pay more. Where is the sense in that? 

History has already proven that if you increase taxes the wealthy actually pay less and the poor smuck that is barely making it pays more. Decrease taxes and the wealthy pay more. Why? Because they are actually able to make more money and the economy grows. Simple as that!! 

Occupy Wall Street is nothing more than a way to try and discredit the Tea Party Movement and to make Conservatives look like the SOB’s who are making things worse. Yet if you look at what has taken place over the past three years under the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party you’ll see exactly what is happening. 

Now in the past I have been soundly criticized for my comments regarding Obama. I have been called a racist and a bigot. Yet not once have I wavered from my position nor will I ever. Our country is being destroyed from within and if we don’t do something about it now, we as a nation are doomed. 

Call me whatever you want, but history will bear me out. If we don’t do something now, we are screwed.