Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

At first there was a question. Then there was a desire. Finally there was an act and America became a fact. Then there was a realization that that fact was good and that it needed to be protected. 

Then came those who realized that in order to protect that idea and the new beginnings of a nation that was so unique that a sacrifice would have to be made to ensure its survival. Husbands, wives, children, slaves and freed men and women throughout America’s history. Willingly these individuals stepped forward to see to it that America, and everything it stood for survived. These individuals were willing to shed their blood to see to it that the Tree of TRUE Liberty was nourished and grew. As time passed their blood caused the roots of liberty and the very ideas that represented it to spread around the world. And upon that tree grew the scarlet fruits of freedom. 

The Americans who served this nation over the passed two hundred and thirty-five years and most especially those who made the supreme sacrifice have nourished the roots of freedom and caused our nation and freedom to spread the world over. 

Let us remember their service and their sacrifices with humility and honor them as true heroes. Let us honor the mothers and fathers who also gave of their children so that America could remain free. 

May God grant them a special place in Heaven. May they never know pain again, and may they always look down upon was with pride and dignity. 

And may we continue the fight to keep America free so that their sacrifice will never have been in vain.