Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hmmm . . . Reichstag . . . Congress?

Some one once told me; if a few good men see something going wrong and do nothing then they are just a guilty as those who did the wrong . . . or words to that effect. I’m just paraphrasing of course but you get the idea. 

One of the many problems that I and many others have, is informational overload. We see and hear so much going on in our country and government that it is difficult at times to see the forest through the trees. Well, I’m beginning to see the forest. At least I believe I am. 

I am now writing this not as a would be politician or a Republican or Democrat, I am writing this as an American. What I have to say concerns ALL of us as Americans regardless of political affiliations, politics, or religious background. No matter our races, color or creed. 

Over the past three and a half years we have watched the quick and steady progress of the destabilization of America. We have watched as the Justice Department has refused to prosecute laws that bind the very fabric of our nation together. We have also watched as that very same Justice Department has taken part in covert and blatantly illegal operations. At the same time we have watched helplessly as a liberal Congress has passed laws which are a blatant violation of the Constitution of the United States and our Bill of Rights. We have also watched as our President has essentially taken it upon himself to rule our nation by Executive Order, circumventing the Constitution, Congress, and the American People. 

In the past three months we have watched as our economy has steadily gone down hill to the point where at any minute the President will declare a “Bank Holiday” and our retirement funds, IRA’s, and savings accounts are raided “for the good of the Nation”. I encourage you to enjoy this Christmas, because I truly believe that this will be the last time you will be able to afford it or be allowed as Americans and as Christians to celebrate it. 

The final straw on the American Peoples back was the passage of Senate Bill S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act. While on the surface this bill is nothing more than a budget and military upgrade bill, Subtitle E; Other Matters, Sec. 345 states the following. 

(Sec. 345) Requires: (1) the Secretary to develop guidance for commanders of military installations inside the United States on planning to minimize the effects of disruption of services by a utility that sells natural gas, water, or electricity to such installation; (2) such commanders to develop appropriate action plans to minimize such effects; and (3) the CG to review actions taken and report to Congress on the guidance developed. 

Why? Are they afraid that they will do something that will anger the American People so much that they will disrupt utilities and services to military installations in the United States? 

Subtitle C: Intelligence Matters says this; (Sec. 923) Requires the Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency to implement a mechanism to publish and maintain on the public Internet specified information on and resources for the Ozone Widget Framework in order to permit individuals and companies to develop, integrate, and test analysis tools and applications for use by DOD and elements of the intelligence community. Requires such Director to encourage and foster the use of such Framework by the computer industry and commercial information technology vendors. 

Bear in mind also that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has without authorization of Congress scrapped the “Fairness Doctrine” which in effect allows Major Service Providers such as AT&T, QWEST, and BELL to selectively allow access to certain websites, blogs, and politically oriented News sites. In light of what has been going on I have a feeling that if the government directs them in the interest of National Security, that’s exactly what, will happen. 

Finally, while I personally have not been able to find the text on the internet as written into the bill, I have found that it was entitled Sec. 1031 and was written about by Representative Justin Amash (R) of the third District for Michigan. The story can be referenced at this link . You can also refer to Representative Amash’s face book site at under Comments by Rand Paul. Section 1031 calls for the unlimited detention of American citizens by the military whether they are arrested on foreign soil or in the United States by the military. 

While some of you may consider me to be a nut and a screwball, I encourage you to check these links. Whether you wish to believe it or not we are not that far away from loosing America. History repeats itself and I am seeing that happen here in American, and I am seeing it now.  

Let me remind you that it took three and a half years for Hitler to take control of Germany. That control came with the burning of the Reichstag, the Parliamentary seat of Germany on February 27th, 1933. Hitler had convince an 86 year old President Hindenburg that there was a Communist plot to take over Germany and to sign an emergency decree suspending all rights of Germany’s citizens and granting Hitler dictatorial rule over Germany. You can reference it here . 

So!! Is the American Tea Party Movement plotting to take over America? This is at the very least something you might want to consider. If nothing else you might want to think about what may be coming and what the future holds. Remember, we have an election coming up soon also. Frankly the future does not look bright at all. That is of course unless you get out and vote, if we can.