Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Reasons to Fight

Over the past several years I have been writing about President Obama and his unconstitutional acts against America and the American People. And I have been writing these articles with good reason. This because I have absolutely no tolerance for a man who by his own admission has no love for our country, our flag, our National Anthem, or even our Constitution. 

America is a different kind of country. Its founding was based upon simple and basic principles of freedom. The Right to own land, live our lives without interference, and most importantly the ability to strive and succeed or fail on our own personal merit as Americans. 

To a majority of other nations we appear arrogant. But they fail to understand that the arrogance they perceive in Americans comes as a result if never having to be subservient to a crown, government, Dictator, or even a religious doctrine since the founding of our nation. 

Since the Obama administration there has been a great deal of talk about “Class Warfare”. A division between the poor, middle class, and wealthy. The only problem with this concept is that there never really was Class Warfare until the Obama administration. Yes, there are the poor, and as it says in the bible, “the poor will always be with us”. But! In American even the poor can succeed if they wish. All they have to do is work toward their dream of success. As a nation we are not obligated to make them succeed, but allow them the opportunity to succeed if that is what they wish. 

Over the years there have been too many stories of how poor immigrants have come to America and then achieved wealth and greatness. As Americans we have the opportunity to succeed. And that opportunity stems from the fact that until recently we did not have to live with burdensome regulations and government requirements. 

Since the beginning of the Obama administration we have witnessed a fundamental change in America. While our economy under the Bush administration was not in to good  a shape, Obama’s economic policies have driven it into the dark abyss. And instead of taking responsibility for his actions he continually blames it on Bush and the Congress. 

As a leader he has shown a lack of understanding of the American People, and his obvious hatred for America has caused him to enact policies that are contrary to everything that America stands for. As a result his actions have essentially started us onto the road of third world status, and given away our sovereignty as a nation to the United Nations. A body that consist of a group of nations that inherently wants to see America destroyed and all nations brought under its umbrella of domination as a global government. I will also add that this body is corrupt beyond anything that we have ever seen in the history of mankind. 

As an American I have to be honest enough to state that our history has not been as glowingly great as some would like to believe. But I also have to admit that no place else in the world has peoples been able to enjoy the opportunities and freedoms that we have. Also as an American I have to state that at no time in our history have we ever had to face the possibility of loosing our country all together. 

Interestingly enough, our Fore Fathers were able to look into the future and see this possibility. After the signing of the Constitution of the United States a woman asked Benjamin Franklin; “Well sir, what kind of government have you given us? A Republic or a crown?” Franklin answered rather coldly: A Republic Madame. If you can keep it! 

We are now at the “if you can keep it” stage in our history. 

What many Americans have lost sight of is that as Americans they have an obligation to America and to those who came before us. There have been times in our history when we have been sorely divided. There have been time also when those divisions have been put aside and we have come together as one. The obligation I speak of is of course that of being a part of the political process and ensuring that as a nation we stand as one and remind the government that it works for us we do not and never have worked for it. 

As an American, I, in my own humble way have attempted to light the fire of Americanism in the hearts and minds of all those who have been interested enough to read my written offerings. 

I am an American. My love for my country is old fashioned. I believe in America and in its greatness, and I believe in our exceptionalism as a nation. I have been fortunate enough over the years to have traveled over much of this country and to have met the many and diverse people that make this country as great as it is. I would not see it destroyed by one man or a group of people who have no regard for it or its people. That is why I fight in my own way to try and protect my country and what it stands for and represents.

My question to you is; why aren’t you doing the same?