Sunday, February 19, 2012

Supreme Sacrifice and Love

Over the years I have tried to make you aware of what is happening here in America and around the world. There have been times when what I have written has sounded like the rantings of a mad man, and there have been times when I have sounded a bit whimsical. 

A good example of this is my last blog post entitled a “Love Letter to my Valentines”. In it I attempted to show all of you and my lovely wife just how much she meant to me and how much I loved her. I’m not ashamed of this, nor am I embarrassed about it. What matters most is that she read it and understood it. 

On the other hand I have also discovered that somehow God has a rather perverse sense of humor. This makes me think that for all of my writing and ranting he may be the only one listening. It also makes me think that there are times when I have become his personal hobby. 

My reason for saying this is that on February 13th, the day before Valentines Day my loving wife Valerie suffered a stroke. While this in itself is a serious matter I can say that she is recovering. It will take time and she will have to endure physical and speech therapy but I believe that her recovery will be complete. At least to the point to where she was before the stroke. 

I know that it sounds kind of screwy, but the fear, and it was fear, that I experienced when I thought that I was going to loose the love of my life was akin to that of losing the other thing that I love most of all, my country. 

Like my wife, my country means everything to me. Over the past three years I have ranted and rave about it on my radio show “Plain English”, and in this blog. Like with my wife, the very thought of loosing it and her scared me so badly that I was totally lost for a time. So you’ll have to excuse me if I come out fighting because that’s what I do when I feel like I’m being backed into a corner. 

You see, there are two things in this world that I have discovered that I would gladly sacrifice my life for without hesitation. My wife and my country. Over the years I had believed that I would, but that belief lacked understanding. Since this has happened I had the chance to sit and think while waiting in the hospital to see how things went with Valerie. As I thought about it I began to understand that it is not just a thought or a willingness to make this kind of sacrifice, but the understanding as to why. It is the true understanding of what love really means. 

When you finally understand what it means it removes all fear, and self doubt. It means that you will stand there and if necessary give your life in order to not only protect the ones and the thing you love so deeply, but to see to it that they and it continues forward. 

The sacrifice in itself is not senseless but is the supreme act of courage because you know that you are protecting the things that you love and that if your life is the price you must pay to see to it that those things which are the best part of you continue you make it gladly and without hesitation. 

And so it is with my rantings and ravings. Simply because I have realized that there may come a time when my writings and criticisms of a government that has failed to meet the ideals of our forefathers can no longer tolerate the truths that I try to share with everyone and must and will shut me up. As time goes on I have discovered that there is certain inevitability to this fact unless things change. 

I will continue to write and criticize those who would destroy my lovely country. I will continue to tell the truths as I see them in the hope that those of you who read these words of mine will come to understand the kind of love for her that I have. And in so doing will come to love her just as I do and be willing to make the same sacrifice that over the last two centuries so many other have made.

For those of you from other countries who have honored me by visiting this blog, let me say this; I understand that you feel for your own homes and country as I do for mine. But your history and the history of America is quite different. We have never been concurred, we have never been invaded, we have never been occupied. For over two hundred years America has stood as a beacon for those who have suffered under oppression, and tyranny. We understand that as a nation we are not perfect. But we also understood that until recently we had a say in the way our country was run and by who. We understand that nothing lasts forever. But we also understand that what was once right and good can live again. History does repeat itself, and I think that in the cosmic scheme of things our forefathers knew this small fact better than most.

God Bless America and God protect us all.