Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free Speech is no more and soon America is no more

In the last few weeks before the elections, I can’t help but wonder what the future is going to bring to America. For the most part, I’m sure that idiot Obama is going to win, but as I have said before, I been wrong before. I pray to whatever god is listening that I am wrong.

To be blunt, I’m not too crazy about Romney, but better him than Obama. Why you might ask? Well simply put, I see a dangerous future ahead for America. I see a President that no one truly knows because he’s refused to make available certain records that anyone else would make available without any problems. I know that he’s lied to the American Public. This was proved when the Washing ton Post reviewed his claims from his books to the facts. While he and many others deny it, I believe that he is Muslim. There is enough video available, some of which is here on this blog, of him saying so.

Interestingly a recent law was passed that made it illegal to express the one fundamental right of ALL Americans, and that is the Freedom of Speech, the right to protest. Now it is illegal to protest in the presence of the President and you can be charged with a felony. And it was passed in secret. What? You don’t believe me? Take a look.
As each day goes by, I see more and more freedoms being taken away from us. I see a dictatorship forming, and I cannot help by ask if there is even going to be an election? The American People, not political Parties, need to stop and take a careful look at what is happening. The American People need to start standing up and saying enough is enough.

What hurts me the most is that for 235 years Americans have made the supreme sacrifice to protect this country. To Protect our freedoms, and everything that this nation has stood for in a world of hatred and corruption that would destroy us at the first opportunity. Now it seems that their sacrifice was for nothing, that their lives were wasted and without meaning.

Some of my close friends call me the “Old Man.” They’re right, I am old and getting older. I grew up in a time when it looked as though America would lead the world into a brighter and more enlightened future. Now it looks like I am growing to grow old and die in a nation that has succumbed to greed, avarice, and socialism at the hands of a liar and scoundrel who has no other purpose in his life than to destroy a once great country with his bullshit. No matter what the liberal talking heads say, I believe he is working secretly for a religious group that even now is demanding that he place censorship rules on anything criticizing the Muslim faith.  What astounds me is that he is not even responding to tell them that this is America, this is what we do when we see wrong. Instead, his administration is paying for television commercials condemning a stupid uTube video that everyone is trying to blame for the riots and death of an American Ambassador.  If it were any other President, I’d ask: Where are your balls? With this one, I know exactly what he’s doing. Given time he will make it illegal to tell the truth about a religion that is nothing but lies and whose only purpose is to take over the world and known civilization. They tried it once before, and history does repeat itself. So, I strongly suggest that you, as American Citizens, get off your asses and get out there and see what’s happening and change it before it’s to late.