Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wake up America!!

Each year there seems to be something new to attack the sensibilities of Americans. Yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11, it was an attack on the American Embassy in Libya. Rumor has it that it was in protest against a movie that insulted the memory of the prophet. Because of this supposed insult, three people were killed, including the American Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

            From the point of view of an American or most Europeans, this kind of reaction is unfathomable. Yet at the same time, it demonstrates the basic tenants of a religion that its believers keep trying to pass off as a religion of peace. If this is peace, then I’d hate to see what war looked like.
            There was a time in the history of our nation when, if something like this happened, an attachment of Marines would have been dropped in and taken back control of the Embassy, raise the American Flag, and then killed anyone who tried to storm it again. That was back in the days when America was strong, and we didn’t have a President campaigning in Las Vegas, Nevada for his re-election. In fact, if this had happened with any other President, he would have cut his visit short and gone back to the White House to decide what action America would take against such an attack. But then we have Obama, so that pretty much sums that situation up.
            I think that it’s time for everyone to come to an understanding here. First, we have a President who doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about America and its greatness. In fact, he seems to be fully intent upon turning America into another European, socialist nation. So any show of strength on his part is nothing less than a joke. As a result, our enemies do not fear us, and have no fear of what the possible consequences could be because of an attack against us. Secondly, let there be no doubt what so ever that America, and the rest of the world is now embroiled in a religious war. Like the middle ages, Islam is once more attempting to spread its wings and take command of the entire world. If they say they aren’t, then they are liars. If they say that their religion is one of peace, they are liars. If they believe that we are willingly going to accept these lies, then they are fools and liars.
            Over the past ten years, we have seen example after example of the depths of violence they are willing to sink to in order to perpetrate their religion and their beliefs. Before you call me a liar, I suggest that you look back at the history of Islam. There’s over fifteen hundred years of it that substantiates everything that I’m saying and then some.
            America is supposed to be a land of religious tolerance, and for the most part, we are. The problem is how far does that tolerance extend when they attack us kill our citizens and willingly blow themselves up in order to kill as many innocents as a they can. America needs to rethink political tolerance, political correctness, and our leadership. We need to understand that the only way to defeat an enemy is to strike them before they strike us, and to strike decisively so that they can never attack us again.
            Very soon now, the Middle East is going to be split open like a ripe melon. The Israelis are even now, as I write this making the decision as to whether or not to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age because of its rhetoric against Israel, and its efforts to develop nuclear weapons, and don’t think they aren’t trying to develop them. Both Israel and element in America’s intelligence agencies are aware that the Iranians are stalling as long as they can with the United Nations and the other countries of the world in order to complete their weapons programs. When they do, they will stand up and make demands under the threat of a nuclear strike, and there is the very real possibility that they will attack Israel.
            America, you have a lot of serious work to do, or you’ll wake up one day and find that what you thought you knew and believed is meaningless. Now is the time to change the government and regain America’s strength. If we don’t then we will suddenly find ourselves a toothless lion struggling hard to survive.