Monday, November 12, 2012

Benghazi and the Obama

While many of us Conservatives are in the process of ripping our hair out over the questionable re-election of Barrack Hussein Obama, there suddenly is a small glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah I know, you sitting there going; What??

Unbelievably it could be the sudden resignation of former CIA chief Petraeus, who like so many in the higher echelons of modern and even ancient government failed to keep his zipper up. Interestingly Petraeus was due to come before an investigative committee to answer questions concerning the attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, resulting in the death of American Ambassador Chris Stevens and several of his staff. Now with his sudden resignation and separation from the CIA and its records, he is not going to make a very viable witness. Although of course, there is an effort to make him testify anyway.  Now that he is technically a civilian, he can claim the fifth amendment, which protects him from self-incrimination.
I find it interesting that suddenly Pretraeus’s moral turpitude has suddenly popped up and become an issue. Most especially within an administration that is well known for its association with pedophiles, anarchist, anti-colonialist, communist, and generally stupid people who have stated on more than one occasion some of the most outrageous believes and ideals since the Marks Brothers. Could it be that this move was designed to protect the newly elected President from his actions or lack of action over Benghazi?
Since his resignation, it now seems that the randy Petraeus has proven to be even more randy since there seems to be a second woman claiming that she and he were also lovers. When did this guy find the time to do his job while boffing these bimbos? Most importantly, who in their right mind would admit to having sex with this yob? Unless of course there was, an exceptionally large payoff involved.
The question now becomes; what could Petraeus tell us about the Benghazi incident that could be so damaging to the President that it would become necessary to separate the one man who could answer these questions from the government?
With Obama entering his second and (Hopefully) final term as President will he too suffer from what many have referred to as the Second Term Curse? Will we as Americans finally find out that he is not eligible to be our President? Or will we find out that he deliberately sacrificed an American Ambassador in order to quietly support Al-Qaida?
Could the evidence be such that even the Democrats in the Senate have no choice but to bring impeachment charges against his eminence the Imam Obama and throw him out of office?
Somehow, I doubt it, but even I can dream a little bit. One thing for certain his past support for our American Military and our veterans has been more than just a little lacking. Whatever efforts he tries to make during today’s veterans day events is nothing but eyewash and more than a little factious .
One thing that is for certain, there is more to the Benghazi incident than meets the eye, and eventually it will come out. The question is, will it change America’s perception of an individual who many believe will change things for the better?