Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shooting Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

How does one write about the tragedy that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut? So many lost souls of young people who never had a chance to grow, learn of life, or have families of their own. What genius could have been among the victims? Which one could have made such a difference that it would have changed the world for the better? No one can console the families of the victims and no one can really understand what it was that drove this individual, Adam Lanza to kill his mother, then go to the school, and kill the children of Newtown, Connecticut, and it is doubtful that we ever will.

Yet, already this tragedy has been politicized with regard to the issues of gun control. The anti-gun lobby has jumped upon this tragedy as if a starving dog goes after a steak. All of the arguments against gun ownership are being tied to this tragedy with the statement that this could have been prevented had there been adequate gun control. NOT SO! Perhaps this tragedy could have been prevented with more adequate mental health organizations and clinics. We already know of the mental health issues of the shooter at the theater in Colorado, and already it is becoming known that Lanza suffered from extreme mental health issues as well. There are so many issues that tie into this that we do not and most likely will not know all of the answers. Yet at the same time, we see a connection between the two with regard to mental health.
My question at this point is the following; If Lanza mother was aware (and I am assuming she was) of his mental issues, why did she even have guns in the house and accessible? One would suppose that if she knew she would take steps to ensure both her safety and the safety of others by removing the guns. Did she follow the simple and basic gun safety rules of having them locked in a gun cabinet or safe?
We can suppose any number of things at this point and until the investigation is complete we will not have nearly enough answers as to why this happened. However, at the same time it is inappropriate for the anti-gun lobby to jump on this issue so quickly simply because guns were involved.
As many of you already know, I support the second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and I believe that in order to maintain a free and independent nation a well-armed populace is necessary. Yet like so many of us who are armed and use weapons for hunting and sport shooting there are specific safety rules which we follow to ensure that no one is harmed, and the opportunity to harm others does not rise.
My advice to the anti-gun lobby is that they should allow sufficient time to past, and allow the families of the victims to morn and bury their dead before turning this into a political circus.
May god bless and grant the families of the victims peace and the knowledge that they now rest within the arms of God.