Monday, February 18, 2013


For those of us who write political blogs, or for that matter do political internet shows, we reach a point where we suffer from severe burnout. Such has been the case with me. This is why you’ve been subjected to a number of videos in order to fill space and time. For this, I apologize deeply. The problem I have been facing is one of informational over-load. So much seems to be happening all at once that there are times when it is difficult to decide which problem is the most important and requires the most attention. They are of course all important to our country and its survival, but the question becomes; which one do we deal with first?

I have been writing this blog for over four years now. I don’t make any money from it, not even from the so-called advertisers. They haven’t paid of once, even when they’re supposed to. This is one of the reasons I plan to remove the advertisers from the blog itself. I write this blog because it gives me the opportunity to share with those of you of a like mind, my thoughts on what is happening to America. I also write it in the hope that some of you might share it with others so that they might have some food for thought. I know that this sound clich├ęs, but it is never the less true.
I titled this blog “BeenFranklin” for a number of reasons, but the foremost was because Benjamin Franklin has a knack for pointing out the obvious. He had the ability to see what there was, what could happen, and what was coming. He was a normal kind of guy for his time, and admittedly more than just a bit of a cad. Most especially when it came to the ladies. Yet at the same time, he knew and understood the dangers of his times and what it would mean for the people of the American Colonies if nothing were done to stop it. I like to think, that within certain limits I have that ability also.
At this very moment in the history of our nation, we are facing what could conceivably be the end of America, as we know it. We are in a financial crisis, which Congress and the President seem to choose to ignore. Focusing instead on things like gun control, ways to circumvent that one document that our forefather wrote in order to ensure our freedom as Americans for ALL time. We have a President who is slowly and gradually disarming our military through budget cuts. At the same time, he is weeding out those members of the military who would refuse to fire upon American citizens who would stand for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I once accused Barrack Hussein Obama of acting like an African Dictator, and I stand by that statement today. As time has passed he has gradually gather more and more power to himself. He issues executive orders to the Congress as if they were confetti. He has forced a national energy crisis upon us that in the end will leave us living within the dark ages. He has admitted that he will see to it, that gasoline will cost no less than five dollars a gallon, and that both he and that wife of his both hate America! Yet somehow, this piece of work managed to get himself re-elected.
What do I see in the future?
I see food shortages from over regulation by the FDA and armed enforcement of those regulations. I see United Nations Troops on our street corners to enforce order that local law enforcement will refuse to enforce. I also see power outages, enforced euthanasia for the sick and elderly, the mentally ill, and those who can no longer contribute to the society as a whole. I see re-education camps, work camps, and death camps the likes of which not even that animal Adolph Hitler could conceive.
Most frightening of all, I see a barren wasteland that was once America, where those of us who survive, fight for survival daily. Survival not only to eat and live, but against a government whose one and only will is that of the United Nations, and its desire to depopulate America and destroy it as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
Are these the fears of an old man? Perhaps. However, remember, this old man grew up in a nation that was once proud and full of the excitement of the future. I grew up knowing the true meaning of freedom, and the idea that you could achieve whatever you set your mind to do.
Over the years, I have watched as the people of America began to take for granted those freedoms. So much so, that now when they wake up in the morning they don’t even stop and give pause to their meaning or what it would mean to lose them.
As my time on this earth and in this country fades, I cannot help but wonder if there will be someone to follow me, who remembers what it mean to be an American, and who loves their country as much as I love mine.