Thursday, March 28, 2013

World War Three??

The past several days have been interesting to say the least. The hermit Kingdom of North Korea is trying to flex its muscles, issuing threat after threat and publishing propaganda in the form of videos showing how easily they will conquer the US and South Korea. Normally we would laugh at such an idea. But! I think that perhaps we should take another look at this thorn in the side of humanity.

Ponder the following; we know that North Korea has been working diligently on obtaining a workable nuclear weapon. The question is, where are they getting fissionable matter? Not once have we hear anything about N. Korea having the massive centrifuges required to process uranium down into the necessary concentrates required for a nuclear device. My guess would be from Iran. Why?; you might ask. Consider the following; we know that Iran and N. Korea have had a weapons relationship for some time. We also know that Iran has been working on a missile delivery system that will reach Israel. The N. Korean’s have been working on the development of a missile system that will at the very least reach the West Coast of the United States. They have also been sharing their technology with Iran. Iran on the other hand has been lying to the western powers and the United Nations about its intent with regard to the development of nuclear energy.

What if the two nuclear tests that N. Korea conducted weren’t for N. Korea at all, but for Iran? N. Korea has nothing to lose when it comes to UN sanctions. They will resort to old tried and true tricks that they have used in the past and carry on. Iran, on the other hand has a great deal to lose if they attempt a nuclear test in their territory. Most notable among the results would be an emphatic military strike by Israel.

Where is this leading? Well, suppose for a moment that not all of the posturing of N. Korea is posturing at all. They really are in the process of preparing for war with both South Korea and the United States. We believe at this point that unlike past occasions China may not be willing to give their little brothers in the South the support that they will need. However, they may not need to. A simultaneous attack upon South Korea and the West Coast of the United States, whether it is completely successful or not will be enough to draw as many American Forces toward Korea as possible. This would include the Pacific Fleet.

In the meantime while America is ramping up for a conventional war, because we are afraid of the reaction of the Chinese if we nuke N. Korea, our attention is diverted away from the Middle East and Iran. I would project about two weeks, simply because that’s how long it would take for America to become fully committed to war in Korea, Iran would launch a nuclear strike on Israel. At this point America would be forced to divide its Fleet to deal with Iran and Israel. Two weeks later the Chinese would attack Taiwan and we would not be able to defend it because we are already fighting a war on two fronts.

While it is not known as a fact, it is believed that Israel has nuclear capability. If this is the case, and it appears that they are going to be attacked on all sides they will use their nuclear capabilities. The term “Never Again” has a deep meaning to the Jewish nation and like the Zealots of Masada, they will ensure that they as a race and a nation will never again be subjugated by anyone. Even if it means their own demise.

How will this affect the rest of the world? Well, the Middle East will become a nuclear wasteland, and that essentially means no more oil from the Middle East. The resulting oil shortages will make it virtually impossible to supply the military in both Korea and the Middle East. N. Korea could win by some strange fluke, and China will indeed have procession of Taiwan.

In the meantime, the economies in both America and Europe will fail completely and we will once again enter into a new dark age where only the strong will survive and at the same time be under the continual threat of invasion by stronger nations to the should and from China.

Or not... You think about it for a while and then tell me that I’m full of it. Nevertheless, just remember, it is a possibility.