Thursday, December 29, 2016

What's Coming???

Well, Trump's inauguration is in about 25 days at which point we will find out just what kind of President he'll make. Interestingly all of the big name entertainers are shying away since they feel that if they show it means professional suicide. Maybe that's not such a bad thing considering the quality of some of the big name entertainers. I've noticed that "Cher", who said that she would leave the country if Trump became President hasn't left yet. There are several others who made the same promise, and they haven't left yet. sigh....

During Trump's campaign he made a number of promises to his supporters, lets hope that he's a man of his word. The problem is that if he solves the problems created by Obama he inevitably will become the most hated man in the country. Not because he's a bad man, but because the majority of the liberals are going to go ballistic over the fact that he has taken a different approach to government than most of the politicians since Reagan. His biggest problem is going to be Obama care. The Democrats are going to fight that one simply because some stupid bastard is going to try and preserve that idiot's legacy. In the mean time, despite the fact that he is President until Trump takes over, is doing everything he can to make sure that Trump has to deal with a bucket of worms. Most notable the Israel and United Nations situation. Charles Krauthammer surprised the hell out of me when he suggested that Trump find a way to put his name on the United Nations building and turn it into condominiums. My respect for Krauthammer climbs daily. But then I've been suggesting that we kick the UN the hell out of New York and turn it into low income housing. No one listens to me anyway.

For what its worth, I hope that Trump extends a hand of open cooperation toward the Democrats, that way when they spit at him he can solve the problems and take full credit for it. But still, if they are willing to work with the man perhaps something good can happen for this country. Doubtful, but still it would be a wonder if it did happen.

I have to admit that I am more than a little curious as to what happens at the inauguration. Obama flaunted tradition in the worst way when he and porky refused to make an appearance at several functions where the newly inaugurated President at least makes a showing. If nothing else, if Trump follows tradition that will be points in his favor.

In the mean time, we can hope that despite the fact Trump is going to have his hands full when he takes office, we can hope that he does so gracefully, and works his ass off.