Saturday, July 17, 2010

Now He Wants to Cut SSI Bennefits

There are times when I speak and no one listens. Three Presidential Elections ago I stated that the most important political issue of the time that needed to be addressed was that of Social Security. Hell! Even the Shrub stated that Social Security had to be dealt with and dealt with immediately. Then of course 9/11 happened and everything changed.

Social Security suddenly took a back seat and was no longer mentioned. At least until now.

Interestingly, the Obamanator has now directed his attention to Social Security with a view toward cutting benefits and using that as a means to help solve the other financial problems that he and his administration have caused with his ridiculous stimulus package. A package I might add that has done nothing to help the American public, and which has failed to provide anything that Obama promised.

Now for those of you who are reading this and who are upset by my failure to address this President with the respect due him….wellllll…. the simple fact of the matter is that I don’t consider him to be our President and if he was one of my employee’s (which by the way he would be if he were the President) I’d fire his ass! Never in the history of this country has anyone screwed things up so badly in so a short time as this clown.

Now it seems that he’s about to put the icing on the cake by cutting SSI benefits to millions of Americans who are barely making it as it is. And I am ashamed to say it; it looks as though there are several Republicans who are supporting this move. Oddly enough, AARP who was one of his staunch supporters for his Obama Care is now about to pop a cork over this move. Oooops! It looks like he’s suddenly losing support. Gee, ya think!

On a more serious note. It appears to me that the one important thing that Obama and the rest of these idiots seem to be forgetting is that Social Security and the tax associated with it in your payroll check was intended for, of all things, Social Security. It was never intended to be a slush fund to be dipped into to support stimulus packages, worthless government programs and departments, and political pork projects.

All of a sudden they are realizing that that barrel is no longer bottomless and they had better do something now or else. Problem is that no matter what they do, those on SSI or about to go on SSI are screwed.

There are obvious answers to the problems at hand, but because that idiot in the White House and his minions are intent upon breaking the bank, destroying the American economy, and driving the United States into Third World status no one wants to see solutions other than by sacrificing the American Public.

For what it’s worth, I’d start raising a little bit of hell with my representatives in the House and Senate. I have a feeling that those jerks are going to find out what America and the Tea Party movement are really all about.

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