Friday, July 16, 2010

Why Are You Lying to us Mr. President?

Mr. President, during your campaign you promised the American People “Hope” and “Change”. So far you’ve provided neither.

In fact Mr. President, the Hope and Change most Americans pray for is that you don’t drag us any further into the Abyss that you’ve created for this country. You lied to us sir! Plan and simple, you lied to us.

You promise us complete accountability and transparency within you government and have provided none of it. You promised that government would not interfere with our lives, yet everywhere we turn we see more and more of it.

During you campaign you talked about redistributing the wealth, and so far the only wealth that you’ve redistributed is from the middle class to the wealthy. You’ve stolen from the American People by creating stimulus packages that don’t work and have driven this nation so far in debt that it’s going to take the next ten generations of Americans to dig us out of it. And when you have been called on it, all you seem to be able to do is spin like hell. So much so in fact that if we were to hook you to an electric generator our nation’s energy needs would be met for the next five hundred years.

What is even more insulting sir, is the fact that you seem to think that the American People are stupid! That we will go along with whatever you say because you and others like you believe you to be the Messiah of politics and of America.

Well sir, you’re not the Messiah. You are a man who lied to America and continues to lie to America.

As Americans we want and demand answers, yet you seem to think that we’ll believe anything that you try to shove down out throats, and when we don’t… all of a sudden we’re branded nut balls, tea baggers, domestic terrorist or racist by your minions.

When the truth becomes self evident your call to sanity is nothing more that “They Lie!” And you begin to explain in spin why it is that your worthless programs aren’t working and the American People continue to get the shaft.

The simple fact of the matter Mr. President is that you represent every liberal and foreign idea that is expounded by a liberal house and a far left religious group that want nothing more than for America to become a weak and toothless lion that they can harass with their spears until it’s so weak it takes nothing to drive home the killing blow.

What is even more evident is that you yourself don’t know how to fix the problems of America, and as a result are merely compounding them.

You live in the hope that by the time the 2012 election cycle comes around you will have managed to force the American People into a stupor that very few will recover from and convince them to give you four more years of the same bullshit! And if that doesn’t work we’ve already seen signs of some of the other methods that you might be willing to employ against Americans in order to have your way.

America doesn’t consist of morons and idiots Mr. President. We are actually pretty smart people, and we are starting to get pretty angry with you and your administration. You had better get it together sir, because whether you realize it or not, you’re already a lame duck!

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