Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Protect and Defend....

As a writer and columnist I think that it is the secret hope and desire of all of us who write to be able to pen that one thing where words will ignite passion and ultimately action. Four such words are “To Protect and Defend”, but then the question becomes defend what? The Constitution? Our American Way of Life?

As each day goes by we see a Congress and a political party, along with a President that seems to be nothing but intent upon destroying both.

We sit in our homes in front of our televisions or games, drink our drinks and hoping that the outside world won’t infringe upon our little bit of heaven. But we also know that deep down inside, there is some asshole out there who has decided to take control of us and our lives. And yet we do nothing to stop it.

This is how dictatorships are born, and this is how our freedoms are lost. We’ve become so complacent and have developed the attitude that as long as they don’t mess with us personally or with our families we could care less. Then one day you wake up and find that it’s all gone and that your freedoms went by the wayside long before you realized it and while you were sitting in your little bit of heaven all hell was breaking loose around you.

Now what are you going to do? Fight? … Fight what? With What?

Don’t try to give me that old American saw about how ALL Americans will rise up like avenging angels and take back what is ours, because the way things are going if they even think that you might object, they’ll come in the night and you will simply disappear to become no longer a potential problem.

Over the past fifty years they have done their best to take our guns, they have violated the rights guaranteed us under the Constitution of the United States and have done everything but literally lay it out on the Capitol Steps and spit upon it.

Somehow or other we elected a socialist President with a clear agenda, who has circumvented Congress by the appointment of Czars who are not answerable to Congress or for that matter the judiciary but who are answerable only to him. And he is clearly dragging this country into a socialistic third world status with his stimulus packages and bailouts all the while making our money absolutely useless. And that is the plan.

He sits there in the Oval Office telling American that we all have to make sacrifices yet at the same time he allows his wife to spend in excess of $300,000.00 of tax payer money on a trip to Spain in order to console a friend.

Why is it that as each day goes by it becomes more and more apparent that what we have done is placed into office what literally amounts to an African dictator who could care even less about the people he is supposed to be governing than about his own comforts and abilities to live off the sweat of All Americans and at the same time allow the insidious invasion of a group of people who within short order will begin to dictate to the American Government and to all Americans what laws they will or won’t follow, and the violent and horrible death of our Judeo-Christian belief system in favor of something that takes away the rights of women and children and glorifies their so called rights and abilities to kill indiscriminately if you don’t follow their belief system?

At the time of my writing this we have less than 83 days left before the elections that we all hope and pray will change the playing field in the House and Senate. But unless we stand up as Americans now, it won’t matter a hill of beans simply because we are not only looking in the wrong direction, but are ignoring the real problem that surrounds us and is very quietly about to jump up and bite us in the ass.

I am of course referring to Islam and all of its supporters. Be aware people it is happening around us as I write this. And don’t insult me by calling me a bigot or racially intolerant. I can see the writing on the wall and its time that you do too.

Hell!! I could disappear at any time now, and you’d never know it.

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