Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The First Amendment or Common Sense??

Over the past several months a storm has been brewing over the issue of building a super mosque within sight of “Ground Zero” or more commonly known as the Twin Towers site in New York City.

Generally Americans are fairly tolerant of most people’s religious beliefs, but in this case that tolerance has been stretched to the limit.

Many feel that the act of building this Mosque is nothing more than an act of commemorating an Islamic victory of the American Infidels, and invalidates the deaths of over three thousand victims of the 9/11 attack by Islamic Extremist that took their lives. I agree with them.

What astounds me is the fact that not only is the Mayor of New York City in favor of the building of this Mosque, but now our President has weighed into the argument and agreed under the guise of the First Amendment and the freedom of religion.

I would point out that while the First Amendment guarantees the right of all to worship in whatever manner they desire, it does not guarantee them the right to build their houses of worship where ever they desire, and while it may seem the politically correct thing to do in allowing the followers of Islam to build this Mosque, common sense dictates that perhaps a different location would be more appropriate.

Considering the 1500 year history of violence, and oppression of the Islamic culture, and the history of previous Islamic victories, one can only come to the conclusion that this Mosque represents nothing less than a monument to their victory in the destruction of the Twin Towers. It becomes more apparent when you consider the history of the name of the Mosque, The Cordoba House.

Another Mosque known as the Mezquita in Cordoba, Spain was built over the ruins of a Catholic church when the Islamic hoards invaded Spain in the 10th century as a monument to their victory over the Infidels. And now it’s namesake in honor of Islamic victory over the Infidels in America is being built with the blind and incomprehensible cooperation of Americans who don’t want to believe that this is in fact what is happening. AGAIN!! And when it is built it will become a gathering place of radical Muslims worldwide whose intention is to plan the over throw of America and it’s way of life.

Interestingly, the Imam who is spearheading the efforts to build this Mosque has refused to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization and is on record supporting Jihad.

As for President Obama, it has become clear that his self-admitted ties to Islam are beginning to show forth with even more clarity than ever before…

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