Saturday, December 18, 2010


Recently, in an article announcing the candidacy of another of New Mexico’s many senatorial hopefuls I was mentioned as a side note as a Gadfly candidate. At first I was offended but then I started to think about what a Gadfly is. As I thought about it I had to agree to a certain extent because apparently unlike the author I know what the true meaning of gadfly is with reference to a human-being. It is as follows;

Gadfly: a person who persistently annoys or provokes others with criticism, schemes, ideas, demands, requests, etc.

There is absolutely no doubt about it, that is exactly who I am.

While I think the author was intending upon painting me as nothing more than a nuisance candidate and not to be taken seriously, I doubt that he truly understood just what a gadfly truly is or can be.

Now! For the record, I am in this election cycle to the bitter end. While some of you may consider me to be nothing more than a nuisance, I can tell you that I am a lot more than that. In fact I am about to make the rest of the candidates ache like they have never ached before.

No, I don’t have thousands of dollars or the political contacts and means to gain more money needed to run a political campaign. But I am hoping that the rest of the citizens of New Mexico will see that I am the only candidate willing to stand before them and tell the truth and want to help.

What I am seeing already from the political pundits and publications is that as always they have forgotten three simple things;

First of all this election is not just about America. The position of Congressman and Senator already carry with it the implicit mandate to protect and defend the Constitution of the UNITED States. It is in their oaths of Office. If they follow their oaths then they are doing their part for America as well as for the state they represent.

Secondly, it is the state they represent that elects them to that office. They have an obligation and a duty to represent the needs and requirements of that state and not of the “Good `ol Boy system that seems to be so prevalent in this country.

Finally, the elected representative has the job to protect the interest and the people of the state of New Mexico. They are not being sent to Washington, D.C. to represent a party or a specific group other than the people of New Mexico. They are not being sent there to see how much money they can wrangle for themselves so that when they finally leave office they can live high on the hog. They are not sent there to establish a political dynasty and stay in office for as long as they can or until the day they die!

I have also noticed that several political sites (Liberals and opposition?) have made much ado about certain comments I have made regarding the President. In point of fact, yes I did make those comments. I wrote them in anger and in frustration over the actions of a man who stood before the American People and made uncertain promises, and literally lied to ALL Americans. I made them because in the final analysis the man and his minions in the House and Senate immediately began to apologize to the rest of the world for America’s greatness. Then they began a program to turn America into nothing less than a third world nation by creating a situation that would do nothing less than destroy jobs and take over private banking and industry. Yes, I made the comments and I will not apologize. Now move on!! You’ve got more important things to worry about.

Here are some truths that no one has been willing to discuss since 2002. The Constitution of the United States is spit upon by just about every politician elected in one form or another. Social Security has been stolen from to fund useless political programs that have done nobody any good at all. Hard earned American Tax dollars are being sent overseas as foreign aide to governments who could care less about America, Democracy, and freedom, and who would gladly slip a knife between America’s ribs the first chance they got. And almost all of America’s manufacturing capabilities and agricultural capabilities have been shipped to foreign nations.

Here are some more current truths. Obama’s Health Care cannot and will not help Americans. It is unconstitutional, and it has already started to drive up the cost of health care to the elderly and those on Medicare. Most importantly, the American people are already being taxed for it, and there is absolutely no chance that it will be repealed before 2012. AND, sections of it are already being implemented.

New Mexico has the highest unemployment, welfare, Medicaid, and the lowest GDP of any state in the Union. All of our industry has been sent overseas, and the rest has been closed down by environmentalist and the EPA. The people of this state are sucking wind, the jobless and the elderly are lining up at churches for food and help, yet none of the politicians are willing to stand in front of you and tell you that.

What is a Congressman or Senator’s job? In point of fact it’s to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, AND it is to protect the interest of the constituents of his or her state. That means he is the interface between the Federal Government and the Governor of the State. It is his job to see to it that the Governor and the people of his state have the necessary tools to ensure that the state and its people prosper and benefit from a stable government and a stable economy.

Am I running for the United States Senate against Jeff Bingaman? You bet I am, even if it takes every last drop of blood in my body. Am I a gadfly? According to the definition in the dictionary I am. Will I fight for New Mexico? Yes! Will I fight for my country? Yes!

It’s time for New Mexico to realize it true potential and lead the rest of the nation and the world into the future!

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