Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day of Rage????

Just a few minutes ago I received a message from the Patriot Action Network FB Group (I am assuming that this means the facebook group) via facebook entitled “A Day of Rage”.

The Message is as follows:


About We believe that Egypt is just the start.

Description We are calling for all revolutionaries to stand up. On March 12th, we want all revolutionaries, youth, communists, socialists, and anarchists to stand together. To stand against the imperialist American. To stand against the capilitalists that our exploiting our workers. Right to jobs, right to housing, right to healthcare. We must rise up my fellow Americans. We can truly live the dream. Clean Energy, is a reality that we as youth must embrace. Our government must change its ways or we will change it for them.

Mission A utopian society built on clean energy, peace for all, a classless society, freedom, and justice.

Ok, look!! I know that a lot of us are not happy with the way things are going, and to be frank, neither am I (and don’t call me Frank). But just by their Mission Statement at the end of the message I get a deep sense that this is a sucker play. A play by an ultra left wing liberal organization trying to sucker those of us who are conservative into doing something REALLY stupid. So stupid in fact that if we were to fall for it, it would be the excuse the liberals needed for Obama to declare Marshall Law. Now wouldn’t that be something.

The fact is, and I am of course speaking for myself, they will see pork in the tree tops before they see me participate in any sort of action like this. This is AMERICA not Egypt, and frankly I could care less about Egypt at this point. They got what they demanded, now the question is; are they going to be happy with what they got?

Somehow I doubt seriously that the Egyptians have a clue as to what they are in for. Maybe they should have a talk with the Iranian people about that one. Turns out that if any Middle Eastern nation has a right to riot in the streets for Democracy or freedom, it’s the Iranians. Man! Did they get screwed!

If these people want change then they should remember that change for the better comes by remembering the “Declaration of Independence” and “The Constitution of the United States of America”. If it becomes inevitable that armed conflict is the last resort at least we will know why and what we are fighting for. It’s not going to be riots in the street resulting in useless deaths of Americans, but a time when true Patriots and Americans will stand for the dream that was our forefathers. Not a bunch of hose heads trying to cause trouble. It looks like Bill Ayres is reliving his Weatherman days.

Besides March 12th is my birthday. I’m not going out and starting shit when I will get shit from my wife if I miss the shindig she’s got planned for me…

Keep your shit wired guys and remember; One Nation under God….Not Allah

End of All Days