Friday, February 4, 2011

Egypt and Health Care

There is so much happening within the pass week. Egypt has gone into revolution mode, a Federal Judge has declared Obama’s Health Care Bill Unconstitutional, and the White House announces that this ruling will have no effect on the implementation of the law.

Can’t get any crazier than that I suppose; but maybe we should take a more careful look at both situations.

Egypt is currently in the throws of revolution against Hosni Murbarak, who after thirty years of dictatorship has finally decided that perhaps it’s time for an extended vacation. As I understand it the American Government is attempting to help him with his travel plans.

The problem is; who or what is going to replace him? There has been talk of a little known group called the Muslim Brotherhood. While a good many Americans are cheering the Egyptians and their efforts at “obtaining a Democratic” style government. They seem to forget that while Murbarak may have seemed a despot in many ways, he somehow managed to keep the peace in that part of the Middle East between Egypt and Israel.

Already, during the “revolution” there have been calls for the destruction of Israel by some of the Muslim Brotherhood’s more vocal members. One must also bear in mind that the Muslim Brotherhood also produced and supports such of it members as Osama Bin Laden, Al Quiada, Hamas, and the Taliban. Certainly interesting times ahead. Most especially since over the past thirty years America has been supplying top notch arms and equipment to the government of Murbarak. Hmmmm… time to drop your socks and grab your rock kiddies.

Even more interesting about all of this is that the person in the White House and his staff are now ‘reevaluating’ America’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. In this day and age that could be an extremely dangerous proposition. But one must bear in mind that many of us have secretly suspected that our President hasn’t been exactly forth coming in stating his true religious beliefs. But alas that’s another story.

However, I might add that recently Senior US District Judge Roger Vinson of the US District Court in Pensacola, Fla., declared the Obama administration's health-care overhaul unconstitutional Monday, and null and void.

Interestingly Obama’s staff has chosen to ignore the Judges ruling and are now going full steam ahead with implementing the law and getting as much done as possible before it goes before the Supreme Court.

The one thing that they are forgetting is that while the Judge was asked for an injunction against implementing the law, he voided the law completely. The argument they are now presenting is that the motion before the court was for an injunction, and he didn’t issue one. Duhhh! No you morons he negated the laws completely so there was no need for an injunction. The law no longer exist!

Since the law no longer exist we now have another problem.

If President Obama and his staff continue to prepare for the implementation of the Healthy Care act they are in direct violation of United States Code Title 18. This is as follows:

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 1 > § 24

§ 24. Definitions relating to Federal health care offense

(a)As used in this title, the term “Federal health care offense” means a violation of, or a criminal conspiracy to violate—

(1)section 669, 1035, 1347, or 1518 of this title;
(2)section 287, 371, 664, 666, 1001, 1027, 1341, 1343, or 1954 of this title, if the violation or conspiracy relates to a health care benefit program.

(b)As used in this title, the term “health care benefit program” means any public or private plan or contract, affecting commerce, under which any medical benefit, item, or service is provided to any individual, and includes any individual or entity who is providing a medical benefit, item, or service for which payment may be made under the plan or contract.

Not withstanding the argument that under the commerce clause of the Constitution of the United States this law was passed for the general good; the argument is utterly spurious. The commerce clause is very clear in that the government cannot force a citizen or citizens to purchase anything.

This would be tantamount to the Stamp Act of 1765, and the Tea Act which eventually lead to the now famous “Boston Tea Party”.

Putting this aside for a moment, I have to say that the arrogance of the Obama Administration to continue to implement a law that has been declared Unconstitutional and null and void by a Federal Judge clearly show the arrogance and disregard they have for the American Judiciary and the Constitution of the United State of America.

In a previous article on this blog I compared Obama’s administration to that of an African Dictator. This of course was used by liberal blogs out of context and in an effort to make me look a screwball running for office.

My question now becomes; what doe it look like to you??

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