Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great Balls of Fire!!

These past two weeks have been hectic as well as interesting and somewhat frightening. A lot has happened both from the international perspective and from the perspective of the state of New Mexico.

Ok, this is going to be a long one and I hope it doesn’t bore you but hey! I’ve got a lot to cover and I think that you might some of it interesting.

I had talked about Egypt in my last blog and now it seems that Egypt’s people have achieved what they wanted; Hosni Murbarak has stepped down from office. The question now is; is what they are getting going to be any better or worse?

At the time of writing this Egypt’s Military has taken control of the Government, dismissed Egypt’s Parliament, and suspended the Constitution; had something like that happened in America (and it could) there would be blood in the streets. The Military has also stated that it would be six months before there would be elections, if then. Yet, the people of Egypt seem to be, for the most part, ok with that.

In the meantime, the Muslim Brotherhood, who has denied the fact that they were in fact instigators of this little coup, will be consolidating their position within Egypt, while their political arm, the Islamic Action Front is recognized as a legitimate political entity, both in Egypt and now Jordan. Interestingly the Jordanian King has desolved the government of Jordan and asked that a new government be formed. How much power will the Islamic Action Front have in this new government? As things have progressed Yeman is now demanding that their President step down for whatever reason (I don’t really know and am not inclined to check at this point) and be replaced. Curiously enough, the Italians are now having much the same kind of problems as the rest of them are, but I can’t say diffinitely as to whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood is involved in that one. I don’t think so, but with the Italians you never know.

The point I am trying to make is that the Muslim brotherhood seems to be involved in at least one successful attemp to topple governments and is involved in another, and possibly a third. The next question is;what happens if the Muslikm Brotherhood or its political arm the Islamic Action Front gains power within anyone of these countries governments?

Volumes could be written about Theocracies and the Islamic religious and political philosophies, but the fact remains that if this organization or its branches gain any strenggth within these governments, all hell is going to break loose. The chances of regaining anykind of crediability within the mideast are next to zero.

Looking at New Mexico, it has also been an interesting week here.

Harrison Schmitt has withdrawn his nomination as Secretary of Energy because the private investigator is not willing to accept liability for any information found that might be misused. Makes you wonder at what kind of information that might be.

Of even more interest is the announcement by an unknown economist that New Mexico is out of the recession.

I’m not sure where he’s getting his facts, but obviously not from New Mexico. Our state unemployment is running at 8.6% as of this past month and the resouces that he keeps talking about have been blocked from use by Bingaman’s and Udall’s Wilderness bill.

Not to mention that those New Mexicans who are still working are now having taxes removed for Obama’s Health care that doesn’t exist since it was nullifide by a Federal Judge in Florida as unconstitutional. Oh! I forgot to mention that for the first time in the state’s history we are suffer a huge budget deficit because of gross mismanagment by our previous governor and legislature.

I suggest that he talk with the people who are suffering because of cut backs in the state retirement fund that they’ve been paying into for years and loss of income because the state has cut back on hours and budgets for making sure that the people get just the basic services.

That’s just me I guess, but what the hell?!

Great Balls of Fire!