Friday, February 25, 2011

My Political Manifesto

First and foremost it is my belief that the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights are the governing documents of America and should be followed to the best of the ability of any administration.

It is also my belief that America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth. As such we as Americans have an obligation and a duty to take part in the political process that governs our great nation. Failure to do so will result in nothing more than political chaos and radical anarchy.

As an American and a Christian I find that as each day goes by America suffers more and more at the hands of those who would see it destroyed from within. Currently the world that surrounds us is in the upheaval of political change for the worst. Religious factions are now demanding a part and a role in governments and the people of these nations are falling prey to an ideology that restricts, nay, destroys the freedom that is the right of all humans.

I believe in the inherent right of humankind to seek happiness and prosperity as long as it brings no harm to others seeking the same things.

I believe in the sanctity of life from the very moment of conception, and that any and all who would destroy that life are guilty of nothing less than murder.

I believe that God is and always will be a part of our nation no matter the method or ideology, and that the separation of church and state is nothing more than a means that prevents the government from dictating which religious belief the citizens of this country will worship.

I believe that all political parties have a duty to see to it that common sense and what is good for the people, not the party be put forward in any legislation that they determine to put forth in the House and Senate.

I believe that any violation of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights should be treated with the utmost contempt.

I believe that America has entered a time of danger and that as nation and as a government there is an obligation to enforce those laws that are based on good common sense and remove those laws which inherently threaten the stability and safety of our nation.

I believe that all immigration laws should and must be enforced and that our borders must be secured before it is too late to do so. It is also necessary to change the laws regarding anchor babies and see to it that all illegal aliens be removed from our country and that the legal immigration laws be enforced.

I believe that all elected officials understand that once they are in office they do not represent just the constituents that elected them but that they have a responsibility to all Americans. That any law they pass must be weighed against the good of the people as an entire nation and not just for those who elected them. What may work well for one group of people does not necessarily work well for another group.

I believe that President Obama’s Health Care Bill should be immediately repealed as unconstitutional. That President Obama and those of his staff who are currently in violation of Florida Federal Judge Justus Roger Vinson’s ruling that the Health Care Bill is unconstitutional and therefore nullified, by continuing to implement it should be arrested and held in contempt of Court!

I believe that the American People are inherently wise and are perfectly capable of ruling themselves through state governments without the interference of the Federal Government.

The Federal Government should stick to those areas as enumerated by the Constitution of the United States.

I believe in the Bill of Right and most particularly in the second Amendment and that all laws regulations and requirements concerning gun control should be removed immediately.

I believe that American oil and resources are being restricted in order to force America’s dependence upon foreign nations for both its energy and it food. And that we must negate NAFTA and re-energize our agriculture and manufacturing capabilities here in this country not over seas in foreign nations such as China.

I also believe that the State of New Mexico has been victimized by those who would destroy our ability to seek and gain income for its people through the restriction of its resources and materials and that these resources should be made available to the state for use.

I believe in America and I believe in New Mexico and both of their inherent rights for the pursuit of happiness in those ways that are of a benefit to themselves, the people and the nation.