Friday, March 25, 2011

What is a Tea Party Patriot?

What is a Tea Party Patriot? That’s a question that lately I’ve been asked a lot, and frankly there is no easy answer.

What a Tea Party Patriot is not is a sheet wearing, anti-Semitic, hate mongering racist. A TTP is the mother with her child trying to teach her children a sense of moral and ethical values. It’s the old man next door who remembers a time in America when the Constitution mattered. It’s also the guy who gets up every morning, drinks his coffee and goes to a job that he probably isn’t all that crazy about, but does it because he has a family to support. They are fathers, mothers, even teenagers who have a desire to see things change for the better. And each and every one of them believes in the greatness that is America. And underneath it all they believe in the greatness of God, and that one miracle that he allowed to happen against all odds; the founding of America.

Wait a minute!’ you say. God?? What’s God got to do with it? Everything! Without a simple and basic belief in God, The United States of America would never exist. It’s as simple as that.

Without God, there would be no America. Before you jump up on your soap box and start screaming about the separation of the church and state, let’s review certain facts.

1.) America’s first colonies weren’t founded simply for the idea of expansion. They were in fact founded on the hope and belief of religious freedom. To escape from the persecution that was being heaped upon Protestants and those who chose not to follow the state church of England, or for that matter the Catholic Church.

2.) It was the moral and ethical guidelines that governed these individuals that guided the lives of the first American settlers who arrived at our shores. It was this belief that made it possible for America to grow and prosper.

3.) For the most part it was what governed the way we acted toward ourselves and toward each other. Helping one another to survive what on the surface was a dangerous and unforgiving land.

With time and perseverance America grew and with it grew a new race of beings known today as Americans.

It was because of these moral values that America became the nation that it is. What is a Tea Party Patriot? Simply put, he or she is an old fashioned American who stills believes in God, a sense of moral values, and in doing what’s right.

It is an individual that believes in the ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers that while a government is necessary, it is not the government that rules, but the people.

Most importantly, it is a group of people that are instinctively aware that unless the government is forced back to the original ideas of our founding fathers, our country is on the verge of failure. Doomed to following the path of so many other failed civilizations that started with a good idea but was overtaken by greed and immorality to the point where power was the rule of the day.

These are not inherently violent people. They aren’t racist, and surprisingly they are comprised of all ethnic backgrounds and philosophies. That doesn’t mean that if pushed to the breaking point they won’t fight. They will. But it also means that they will do everything in their power as it was described by the Constitution of the United States to see to it that their elected officials remember that it is they they represent and not a nameless government.

What is a Tea Party Patriot? He or she is an American who is willing to stand and do what is right and what is necessary. He or she is an American who realizes that unless they take part in the political process as originally intended by our Fore Fathers they could loose it all and very quickly.

He or she is an American who is willing to stand ready and remind our government that the government works for the people, the people do not work for the government.

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