Friday, May 6, 2011

So What do I REALLY think??

So What do I REALLY think?

Since my last blog post I've had more than a few comments, both from the Conservative side and from the Liberal side. I gotta tell ya, I never in my life have heard the kind of stuff that I've heard since I made that post. I post in several different blogs including my own which is called "Beenfranklin 2012" at "". So I get it from many different areas. My favorite of course is from and my own blog.

For the most part the responses are pretty predictable, including the responses from apparent Muslims, however there are a few that I am truly astounded at seeing.

From the Conservative point of view, which for the most part I totally agree with, with the exception of the racial slurs and epitaphs, the respondents talk of America's greatness and the ability of Americans to stand and fight when the need arises. However! From the apparent Liberal point of view all that I've have heard is "crap"!

First of all, I am not going to tell you our nation is perfect. It's not! But I will tell you that I believe of ALL the nations in the world, many of which have histories going back almost 1100 years, America has accomplished more in it's short history than any of them. I also believe that now, more than ever, we need to remember a couple of simple facts.

America did not fight in the Crusades, we did not take Jerusalem from Salhala Din and we did not commit the atrocities committed by the Crusaders. And before you jump on me about the accuracy of my history, you get the idea of what I am trying to convey, and I don't care. So don't bother.

For some reason you clowns want to blame America for ALL of the ills of humanity, just like Obama wants to blame Bush for every problem that he himself has created. And for the record, I think it takes a pretty class act on the part of Bush for not jumping up and telling Obama to stick it and start accepting the responsibility for his own trash. Bush may not have been the best or most effective President this country has ever had, but frankly he's not the worst we've ever had either. In fact in my own opinion Obama is about to lay claim for that title. But that's another Blog.

I am not interested in hearing about slavery or what happened to the American Indian, simply because my people didn't own slaves, and we were the ones that met you white eyes on the shores of America when you got here. And the only reason why we're not in control is because you guys were sneakier and better at negotiating real estate deals than we were.

Let me point out that historically we are still the new kids on the block as a nation. Two hundred and thirty-five years is nothing more than a blink of the eye. I know because I was around for the Bi-Centennial when most of you weren't even thought of. Let me tell you, the last thirty-five years disappeared faster than any of my generation thought they would.

What I am interested in is this; Preserving the ideas and beliefs that America was founded on. The belief that there was in fact a divine hand in the foundation of this country and that despite what the socialist and left wing liberals may tell you, it was that belief in a divine god that inspired, shaped and ultimately allowed America to become the freest nation on this planet.

I'm interested in preserving the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights which guarantees All Americans the right to speak their minds, worship as they please without fear of persecution, own property, and most of all the ability to be ready to stand and fight either a foreign enemy threatening our shores or a government that has become tyrannical and unacceptable to the American People.

I am interested in preventing the take over of a system that either forces or secretly subverts all of those things that allows me to be an American. There is of course a longer and more detailed list, but for the moment this will do for a start.