Sunday, July 10, 2011

Debt Ceiling Talks A Sham???

Both the Republicans and the Democrats seem to have reached an impasse with one another regarding the negotiations of the Debt Ceiling limit. Republicans say that they won’t accept tax increases without cuts in Government spending and the Dems say they won’t cut spending but demand tax increases. . . STALEMATE!! 

Meanwhile, President Obama is playing devils advocate/negotiator between the two and making and breaking promises to both sides on an almost daily basis. . . STALL TACTIC!! 

What neither the Republicans nor Democrats fail to understand or for that matter realize, is that the Congress is the only body that has the power and the ability to settle the issue, and that power is mandated to them by the Constitution of the United States. Obama has no power at all save that of the veto, which he has threatened on numerous occasions to use if the Congress sends him something he doesn’t like.  

It would appear for the moment that Obama is attempting to run out the clock on the August 2nd deadline thereby giving him the ability to go to the American people and say; “The Congress has failed to come up with a viable plan to extend the Debt Limit, therefore, I as President have decided that I will resolve the issue by executive order….ya di ya di ya…” Of course if something like this happens then we really are in trouble for a number of reasons. 

The first being of course that never in the history of the United States has ANY President circumvented Congress, simply because it violates the Constitution and also because it immediately places the offending President into the realm of “Dictator”.

While this immediately becomes an impeachable offense, the question then becomes will the impeachment process begin at all. Simply because the Constitution requires that the charges for impeachment must begin in the Senate. Which as we all know is currently controlled by the Democrats. And so far they have not raised an eyebrow to the many and various violations to the Constitution already committed by the Obamanator.

This being the case, the American people are more or less caught between a rock and a hard place. 

What Congress must realize is that they must come together and find a solution that at the very least allows for the debt Ceiling to be raised at least long enough for an accord to be reached. It does not have to outline the cuts and tax hikes at this moment and only has to allow for a limited increase while the arguments are presented, argued and an accord is finally reached that both parties can live with. Of course this could also result in the same problems, but for the moment they must get a bill to Obama. The reason behind this is that we all know Obama will veto the bill, but he cannot then say that it’s Congress’ fault and he has no excuse for violating the Constitution. 

On the other hand Congress MUST begin to exercise the power granted to it by the Constitution instead of leaving it up to an individual who has on many occasions proven his distain and disregard for it. Failure to do so could result in something that America does not want and ultimately will not accept. 

Go figure…