Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making a Diffence??

Well, I’m not entirely sure how to phrase this or title it since at this very moment it would appear that my run for the United States Senate for New Mexico is nothing more than an exercise in self stimulation.

Kind of sad isn’t it. After sitting back and watching what is happening in our beautiful country, watching the political posturing, the rhetoric, and complete failure of our President as a leader, I have this persistent urge to puke.

When I made the decision to run for office I didn’t do it for fame or glory. I didn’t do it for the money or power. I made the decision because I felt that some one and something had to be done in order to make a difference. If nothing else to get out the message. That message being that we can and must do more for our country or we are going to loose it. And most especially for our state.

It isn’t necessary to legislate pork in order to help our state. What is necessary is that some one fights to remove nonsensical regulations and laws that prevent not just New Mexico but other states as well from utilizing their available resources and the skills of their citizens.

What is even more necessary is that some one stands with those few already in Congress who are fighting to return America to its Constitutional values. I thought that I was that person, but I guess that I was wrong.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to run, if for nothing else but to continue to try and get the message out. So far I have no money, no support, a lot of atta boys, and pats on the back, vague promises which amount to a lot of bullshit and nothing more.

For those of you who have told me that you need to go to Tea Party Functions and various party meetings, you’re right. The one and only problem is that I am running a campaign on absolutely no money and no support. The simple answer is that I cannot afford to get there and take care of my family at the same time. I don’t make deals, I don’t make promises that I cannot keep, and I won’t become a part of the good ol’ boy system.

I’ll continue to run, as it were, just to aggravate the hell out of everyone. If nothing else just to say that I did it. For now it’s beginning to look like the Republicans may get Heather Wilson, or the Democrat. In either case it will be six more years of nothing but crap, a state that is prevented from achieving the greatness that it deserves, and a country that will reach third world status very soon now.

If nothing else, when you go to the polls remember that this country was founded on principles that no other country in the world has ever known or will ever know. What you do what you decide will make a difference.