Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tea Party and Peas

Recently during the debates, arguments, counter debates, failed bills, more failed bills, and general baloney of the Congress over the debt ceiling crisis (?) the Tea Party was once again mentioned prominently.

It seems that anyone and everyone was attacking the Tea Party simply because certain elected Congressmen and women decided that they would in fact keep their promises and their honor by adhering to the principles of the Tea Party and the American People. What a surprise.

What disturbs me the most is that not only was it the liberal Democrats that were attacking the Tea Party but also supposed Republican Conservatives. We would expect that kind of behavior from the Dems and the Senate, but Republicans?

Interestingly, all of those who attacked the Tea Party were treating it like a political party rather than the American movement that it truly is. What they apparently fail to realize is that it is the American People and not some fringe group like one of Obama’s favorites like “La Raza”, or for that matter the AFL-CIO, who were screaming bloody murder.

I have to laugh at the comments and ideas put forth by the Obamanator that the American People should leave the running of this country to the “Professional” Politicians and that we should concern ourselves with our daily affairs and “eat our peas”.

What an asshole! It has become blatantly obvious that this clown just doesn’t get it! This is America and as such we the people run things not “Professional” Politicians! We elect those clowns to office. With the exception of the turkeys that have created a political dynasty by managing to stay in office until they are older than dirt or end up as mummies in their offices at the Capitol, a great majority of the individuals in office come from the rank and file of the people. And in most cases they are in office because they are hoping to make a difference.

The unfortunate thing about it all is that as soon as they get into office they are politely but firmly informed that they don’t matter and they will tow the mark or else.

A good example of all of this is the issue of raising the Debt Ceiling. Those who fought and held out to the bitter end were branded “Tea Party” extremist and nut jobs, and told that they had better come back to the real world or America was going down the toilet.

In the end Obama got exactly what he wanted and once again America got the shaft. And whether or not anyone realizes it, we ARE in a DEPRESSION not a recession.

What is even more amazing is that the Dems are now charging the Republicans with a failure to present any kind of jobs bill that would get America back to work. What? You mean like Obama’s stimulus bill?

Let’s see, that one raise the National deficit from $9 trillion to $14 trillion, there were no real jobs, with the exception of the sign companies who made a bundle from making signs that stated “This Project is Funded by Stimulus” and were posted on every major highway project around the country that was never finished.

Guess what’s coming next people. Stimulus 3.0. Let’s see… that will most likely raise the deficit to $25 trillion and still no jobs. At the same time this yob gets to raise more taxes and eventually we’ll be working for them full time and having to suffer for it. Can you say third world country? That’s what we’ll eventually turn out to be if this jackass and all of the so called “Professional” Politicians are allowed to remain in office.

Then again, maybe we deserve what we get since over the past fifty years or so we’ve just sat back and allowed it to happen. At least the Tea Party tried to do something about it, and that is to say the American People who woke up and saw the writing on the wall.

Go eat your peas…