Friday, September 2, 2011

Remembering 9/11

With September 11th quickly coming upon us I am noticing certain liberal establishments seems to be doing everything in their power to minimize it’s memory and the impact that it had upon the United States as a whole.

Almost three thousand people died in the heinous attack upon America. But more than that it was also an attack upon the entire free non-Muslim world as the victims included all nationalities. As America watch in horror and the Twin Towers dropped to the ground there was a triumphal cry from terrorist groups across the globe. A cry that we as Americans will never forget and never forgive.

Yet now we see the liberal left discounting those deaths and violence upon our home country by allowing the construction of a Mosque at Ground Zero, or at least within sight of it. We also see the Mayor of New York City, Bloomberg, refusing to allow prayers and remembrances during the memorial ceremonies scheduled to take place at Ground Zero on September 11th. Why? Is he afraid that he’ll upset the Muslims who want to build their Mosque in sight of Ground Zero as a sign of their victory over the infidel American?

From my own personal point of view, I as a conservative and most especially as an American am beyond the point of caring. The individuals responsible for this gross act of terror do not and will never have my understanding, compassion, care, or respect. Nor will they receive from me anything but the purist contempt. Contempt not only for those who committed this act, but for the religion that spawned it and continues to spawn acts of terror and violence around the world all in the name of the “Religion of Peace”.

What frustrates and infuriates me more than anything else is the fact that we have a President who has continually apologized to the world and most especially to the Arab Nations for America’s greatness. Choosing instead to do everything he can to minimize our country and our accomplishments. At the same time his policies and legislative initiatives are designed to convert America into third world status.

As for the fallen victims of 9/11, the people who were in the Twin Towers, and the brave men and women of the New York Police and Fire Departments I ask the following question; who will remember them and their sacrifices if not us? Who will remember their lives, their joys, and their loves, if not us? Most importantly, who will remember the other heroes? A plane full of people that was aimed at the White House and the sacrifice those people made when they forced the plane to crash in a Pennsylvania field killing not only the terrorist but themselves.

I say that it is incumbent upon us as Americans to remember them all. It is incumbent upon us to see to it that the sacrifices made and forced upon our citizens be remembered with the fitting humility and honor they deserve. And that those sacrifices be honored by All Americans by keeping alive the dream that is America and forcing out those who would destroy our nation from within.

May God Bless and love them all, and accept them into his loving arms.