Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hoffa Call to War

With James Hoffa’s apparent call to war against “Tea Party” members and Obama’s failure to distance himself from these remarks, it would appear that it is to be war.

While I am not officially a member of the Tea Party let there be no doubt that I am one of “Those Sons of Bitches” that Hoffa was talking about and brother, I am ready, willing and able to get out there and kick some Union butt if that’s what it’s going to take to get this President out of office and get America back on track.

Obama’s announcement that he wants three billion more dollars to create jobs amounts to nothing more than Stimulus three. Which we can pretty much tell from previous experience is going to do nothing more than fund Hoffa’s Unions and Obama’s cronies just as it did during Stimulus one and two.

So much for civility! It’s pretty clear to me that what we are facing and have been facing since the Obamanator’s sudden and frankly strange rise to power is a war. A war against the Constitution of the United States and a war against the freedoms and rights that make America great. I might also add that this is a war against America’s greatness.

What no one seems to realize is that Hoffa pretty much stated what Obama wants, and Obama didn’t refute or play down Hoffa’s comments. This tells me that he agrees.

Now comes the fun part of my comments. If Hoffa and Obama want a war against America, the Constitution and our freedoms, then I’ll be the first to step up. Hell everyone thinks I crazier than an outhouse rat anyway so I might as will start things off.

Here’s my challenge to Mr. Hoffa; Sir, if you want a war and you want to take care of “those Sons of Bitches” then put your money where your mouth is you fat brown nosing, Communistic, unionist, putz! Well actually I shouldn’t call you fat since I’m more than a little large myself, but never the less, I challenge you to step into a room, just the two of us, and we’ll start things off one on one. And why would I claim this right and make this challenge?

Well its like this. By yours and Obama’s definition of the members of the Tea Party and for that matter any American that is willing to stand against you and your ilk I AM one of “those Sons of Bitches”. In fact here in New Mexico I am considered by many to be the biggest Son of a Bitch in this state! As such I am more than willing to put my own butt on the line and take you on. Or is it me just hearing your gums flapping?

Let me know Jimmy, we’ll get this thing rolling, just you and me and we’ll see who comes out of that room first. You or me. One thing that you should know James. When it comes to fighting for America and fighting for our Constitution, I fight dirty. But hey! That’s just me.

Now is your chance. Put up or shut the Hell Up!! All you want is to continue sucking at the life blood of all Americans under the protection of the biggest Vampire of them all.