Friday, September 16, 2011

Loosing Focus??

I have been watching over the past year with great interest both the Obama Administration and the Republican Party of New Mexico. I’ve also been watching the states Tea Party groups.

From the perspective of myself and several others the Obama Administration and the Congress seem to be acting like a bunch of monkeys in a shit throwing contest, The Republican Party in general can’t seem to get it together enough to strike a decisive blow against Obama’s administration and the Democrats in order to make them understand that it is the people who govern and not the political parties, and the Tea Party groups while trying to fight the good fight have allowed themselves to become distracted by to many issues and no real focus.

As far as the Congress and the Obama Administration are concerned, I doubt seriously that this is an issue the will be resolved until after the 2012 elections. Simply for the fact that the Congress must maintain its Republican Majority and the Senate must shift from its Democrat majority to a Republican majority. And here in lays the rub as far as the Tea Parties are concerned.

It is incumbent upon the Tea Parties to watch closely what is happening in the home states and in their home counties. That is a given, but it also incumbent upon them to look carefully and closely at what is taking place on a national level.

Some one told me that they need to get a Republican that while a member of the Republican Party is also not afraid to step outside of the Republican box to represent their constituents and their needs, or at the very least to listen to them and give serious thought to finding a solution that will meets the needs of his or her constituents and at the same time remain within the boundaries of the Constitution of the United States. Instead just the opposite seems to be happening. It appears that local and national Tea Party Groups have lost their focus.

Now more than ever it has become apparent that we as a nation are at a cross roads between the freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution and the promises made to us by Socialism. And from what I can see, socialism is winning and we as Americans can’t even seed it happening.

Curiously, here in New Mexico, two of the Republican Candidates are doing their level best to avoid talking to the people while the other two (Myself included here) want nothing more than to be able to talk with the people.

As for myself, wellll…yeah ok…some consider me to be a bit of a screwball and hard right. In fact they don’t even mention my name, which is unfortunate for me. But here again we find that it has become a case of who has the most money to buy the advertising, pay for the posters, and handouts etc… it didn’t used to be that way but now it is.

But! If it weren’t that way and there was an even playing field for all of the candidates I cannot help but wonder how much different things would become.

Just for shits and grins, I’d like invite all of you to take a look at my political website at read it and if you have serious questions feel free to ask them in the questions area of the site. I will answer you either publicly or privately, but I will answer you.

In the meantime, think about what we have, what’s going on, how Congress has reacted to many of the problems, and what we could be facing. Then think about what the solutions could be and why.