Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well, as many of you already know I am attempting to run for the United States Senate for the State of New Mexico. Not many of you know me or have even heard about me and this is due in part to the fact that I don’t have a lot of money. I have a lot of people who have gone to my website and have said that they like what they see, but that’s not enough. 

For those of you who think you know me or have heard rumors about me…ok fair enough, but I suggest that you ask me and I will tell you the answers. You may not like what you hear but I won’t lie to you. 

I will continue to run with no money, no real publicity, and apparently no real support. BUT I will run. If for nothing else, just to aggravate the other candidates and attempt to keep them in line. As an American it is my right and I believe my obligation. I want to exercise those rights for as long as I can before they are taken away from me. 

Some of you may ask; what is your candidacy about? Some have asked; why are you even running Bill? 

The answer to the first is simple. My Candidacy is about New Mexico and representing its citizens. Its also about fighting to protect their rights as Americans and their right to achieve whatever their American Dream may be. It is about protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States, and fighting to see to it that our government doesn’t destroy that most precious of ideas and beliefs, that made America what it is. Some political pundits have labeled me as “Hard Right”. If being for America first and being for New Mexico and the Constitution of the United States is Hard Right, then so be it. 

I have no illusions about my chances of winning a primary and then winning a general election. I’m not wealthy, and I am certainly not a part of the political machine. But I have a message and I figure that this is the best way to get that message out to the people. And that message is this; 

For the past two hundred thirty-five years America has fought for its independence and its freedom. We have populated a continent that by all logic and purpose should have destroyed anyone who tried. We have prospered and we have grown. And we have done this because of the freedoms our forefathers fought for, and the sacrifices made by those who in the final analysis are greater than any of us today. 

Benjamin Franklin, when asked why stated the following; “America has created a new race of beings. Rougher, less refined, tougher, more innovative, and more creative than any other race on earth. It is only reasonable that we have our own country and our own laws and freedoms like no other country”. 

Some have said that America is now entering its twilight years and one day soon will go the way of other more ancient civilizations who have succumbed to the general nature of man. Some have said that Americans have lost their ability to care and understand the greatness that was and is America, preferring instead to sit in front of their televisions doing nothing and letting others run things. Some have even said that Americans no longer care. 

I say that this is a lie! 

Everyday I see the true evidence of what makes America the greatest nation on this planet. I see a people who will willingly help their neighbors in times of genuine need. I see a people who are willing to stand and fight for what is right and defend the underdog. 

I also see a people who have been duped and have fallen for the lies of those who would destroy our country from within. A group of people who believe that they know what is best for us and are willing to destroy the dream that is America. People who will apologize for our greatness and the fact that we were able to accomplish what no other nation in this world had been able to do. 

It is time for us as Americans to wake up! It is time for us to see what is happening around us. It is time for us to remove the blinders from our eyes and retake what is ours by birth and by right! 

As Americans we must regain the moral imperative that fueled our nation in the beginning. And we must regain our belief in something greater than ourselves. If we do not, then the sacrifices of our brave men and women over the past two hundred years will have been in vain and they will have died for nothing. The three thousand who were brutally murder on 9/11 will have died for nothing. 

Maybe I am a bit of a romantic. I still believe in miracles and I still believe in America. I want to be able to take the fight to them and let them know that there is at least some one who is willing to fight for what is right. For what makes America great, and for the dream. 

If we don’t fight then one day soon we may have to fight whether we want to or not.