Friday, December 2, 2011

America is now a War Zone!!

Well it is finally happened. Senate Bill 1867 was passed with a resounding majority by the United States Senate. In essence, this means that the entire continental United States is now a war zone and by writing this blog I now run the risk of being declared a criminal and arrested by the American military, without benefit of charges, trial and can be held indefinitely.

Be afraid America. Be very afraid. In a previous blog I stated that this was the beginning of dictatorship. I pray that I am wrong but some how I don't think so. So if I disappear in the middle of the night and my political website goes down and my blog goes down, you'll know what happened.

Remember what America was, remember how it began. Most importantly, remember what freedom was. We are the last generation to know that freedom. As the years pass educate your children and your grandchildren as to what America was. Most importantly remind your children and your grandchildren the importance of freedom.

There comes a time in every man and woman's life when they must make a decision that will change their lives forever, this is such a time for me. While I may be running for United States Senate for the state of New Mexico, I realize that I represent something that this government does not want to see or hear. And that is the truth.

In the state of New Mexico June 5th is slated to be the primary election for this year's election cycle, between now and June 5th, I will be doing my level best to campaign for a free America and for a free New Mexico. I don't know how well I'll do but I will do the very best I can, considering.

Will I fight? I'll fight the best way I know how with words and with whatever actions I can. Bearing in mind of course that I'm a fat old man now, and not a youngster who could get out and carry a rifle if needs be or go face-to-face with an enemy that we can't even identify at this point. But I will do the best that I can given the circumstances.

I encourage all of American to get out and exercise your franchise as Americans and vote. Our forefathers saw to it that you, the people of these United States have the ability and the duty to see to it that America remains free. Failure to exercise that franchise will deliver you into the hands of those who would see this country destroyed.

I also encourage you as Americans to fight for what is right and believe in America and believe in the dream that our forefathers created for us, the Declaration of Independence the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. Do not let these ideas go by the wayside, but keep them alive for not only yourselves but for your descendents and their descendents.

I ask you to stand with me to see to it that this country remains free. I also ask you to stand with me and help me to achieve what apparently is the impossible dream. To get elected as Senator for the state of New Mexico. Because as a Senator from New Mexico. It is there that I can do the best work that I can for both my state and my country.

God bless America and God bless the American people