Friday, December 2, 2011

My Fears...

Liberty has a dual task: to build a state, and keep it small. When the state is too large, imperialism is the cursed product. When there is no state at all, anachronism is the product, equally hell broth of miseries. Collectivity must be, but not a collectivity to colossal. The municipal Republic is statehood, but it is statehood reduced to its lowest terms. Therefore, it gives the maximum of benefit, with a minimum of individual repression. A state kept small, is man's servant; a state too big mounts over him, a very tiring for mastership.

 from the book the Free City: a book of neighborhood. ByBouck White

Over the past 3 1/2 years I have watched this country very carefully. What I've seen is frightening and at the very least, angering. Currently we have an administration and the Senate. that seems to have absolutely no regard for the Constitution of the United States or for the American people.

What frightens me about all of this is the fact that in the background. I am hearing noises from people who have seen pretty much the same things that I have seen. And they are not happy, so much so to the fact that some are actually talking of a new American Revolution.

As I was growing up I never once thought that America would come to the point that it has today. I believe in America. I believe in its people, and I believe that we have the ability to fix the mistakes that have been made by others. My only hope is that we as Americans can stand up and do this before it's too late.

Over the past year. During my campaign for the United States Senate for the state of New Mexico, I have heard from quite a few people about what needs to be fixed and how it could be fixed. As I listen to these people. I remember a time in my youth when America seemed like the greatest country in the world, and we did not have to worry about our government destroying our freedoms and violating the Constitution of the United States. Now it seems that that is all we worry about constantly.

I remember a time growing up when my hometown Alamogordo, New Mexico was a place full of excitement, full of the future where nothing seemed impossible. Yet at the same time there was a certain amount of country charm to my hometown. It was possible for children to play that didn’t have to worry about some sexual deviant trying to kidnap them, it was a place where you could walk away from your home and forget to lock your door and known that while you were gone, your neighbors would look out for you. You could be gone for two weeks and come home and find that everything was exactly the way you left it. It was also a time when the future seemed real and all of the stories from science fiction appeared to be possible.

We can no longer live in the past. That is an unfortunate fact. It seems now that our world is about to implode upon itself unless we do something to prevent it. On many different occasions I have stated that New Mexico for the first time in its history, has the ability and the wherewithal to lead the country and the nation into the future. On many different occasions I have been told that I'm nuts, yet at the same time I'm a little bit of a romantic. Because I see the possibilities I see what can be done and what should be done not only for my state, but for my country.

Over the last 50 years we have seen a government that suddenly no longer listens to the people and no longer represents the people take control and quite literally bend to the will of other countries. So much so in fact that the Constitution of the United States now resembles nothing more than a piece of shredded paper. It is incumbent upon us as Americans to force our elected legislatures to realize that they represent us and that we do not represent them.

The 2012 election. Is our last chance to see to it that things change for the better simply because we have no choice.

Isn't it interesting that we have a Democratic Senate and Congress who are on record as saying that their plan for the United States is to socialize it. I say to you that we cannot allow this to happen. America was founded on free choices, the ability to own property, the ability to see to it that we lived our lives pretty much the way we wanted to as long as it did not hurt others and did not violate the laws of the land. Now all of a sudden we have a political group and the government that has decided that they know what is best for us as Americans. They have decided that they will do everything within their power to take care of us as though we are children needing supervision constantly.

I asked the question; what changed in America that makes these people think that we need to be supervised? What changed in America that makes these people seem to think that we are nothing more than serfs and slaves to their will?

When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Somehow they knew that we would come to a point in our history where we would once again have to defend our freedom from our own government. We see this every day, most especially now that members of the United States Senate seemed intent on giving the president the power to activate the military in order to arrest American citizens anywhere in the world to include the United States of America itself. This frightens me. This frightens me so badly that I cannot help but wonder what the future brings for us. Will we be forced to undergo another civil war within this country?

As a human being, not as a senatorial candidate. I see a dark time in America. I see a time when it will become impossible to get food, electricity, the very basics of life. I see a time when United Nations treaties will be enforced by a government that has absolutely no right to enforce these treaties and force them upon the American people.

With my writing this blog, it would appear that I run a very serious risk of becoming an enemy of the state. Yet at the same time, I feel it necessary in some sort of feeble attempt to make the American people aware of what they are facing and what is coming. I never class myself as a hero and never will. I class myself as an American citizen who sees what's wrong and is doing his level best to educate the American people in the hope that they will one day wake up and see what is happening before it is too late. I love my country. I love everything about it, I understand what it takes to be an American. I understand that I have an obligation and a duty to participate in the political process. If I fail to do so and the millions of other American citizens fail to do so. Then there is no telling what will happen to our nation. Preview