Monday, December 26, 2011

The Future of Things to Come???

Well, it’s the day after Christmas and it looks like my hopes for at least that one day have been dashed upon the rocks of stupidity. Christians going to church in Nigeria were murdered by Islamic bombs, and violence seems to have been the order of the day. Saddening and heart wrenching to say the least.

It also seems that what I and others had once predicted despite the government’s loud proclamation of helping to get a democratically elected government in Iraq is also coming true. The second the United State’s presence in Iraq ended, civil war would breakout. Only problem with this is that it’s not about freedom or liberty, it’s about power and who is going to wield it. And all of the sacrifices, the deaths of our young men and women, and the billions in Taxpayer dollars were nothing but a monumental waste. FOR WHAT??

Here at home our Congress has failed so miserably to understand and accept that the Constitution of the United States actually sets limits on what they can and can’t do and are destroying our economy, our standing in the international community, and ignoring the will of the people. In the meantime we have a President who’s very qualification to hold that office is at best questionable. Also, what he cannot get the Congress to pass as his will, he commands by Executive Order.

Since all of the above is true, it now becomes incumbent upon us as Americans to begin to rethink what 2012 is going to bring. And no, the end of the world is not going to happen. Even the Mayans are going; Huh?? With that little prediction hanging over our head it’s going to be paranoia like we’ve never seen before. And even if it were true, do you think that just maybe it might be a blessing?

I’m not a prophet, but I have a feeling that things are going to become very interesting. Obama could win another four years, the government and the economy could collapse, or worse a catastrophic natural disaster could happen, and we are going to be sitting there with our thumbs stuck in the darkest part of our anatomy wondering; “what happened?”

Am I afraid? No, I’m not afraid, I’m terrified. I’m terrified because I can see what is coming and I know that there is no way under the current circumstances I can protect my family. I’m also terrified because it seems that the one universal lesson that no one seems to have learned is that history repeats itself. Civilizations and societies rise and fall and have done so since the beginnings of time. Inevitably chaos and death follows and what was once gained is forever lost only to be replaced by something darker and less refined. This because the human animal will do whatever is necessary to survive.

With the failure of both the European and American economy countless numbers of people will die either from starvation or violence. Wars over religion will be fought and the tolerance that is so much a part of civilization will be lost. Nations all over the world will soon be isolated from one another and be left to reestablish whatever form of society they can in order to survive. The philosophies of great minds will no longer be heard or considered, and the sciences that lead humankind out of the darkness will cease to exist leaving humankind to slip back into the darkness of ignorance, fear, and superstition.

The question then becomes; how many centuries will it take for mankind to lift itself upward out of the mud huts and blood shed before we once again see the light of reason?

Pretty bleak picture isn’t it. Some would say; Nahhhh…ain’t gonna happen. You’re just an alarmist nut case and you haven’t got the slightest clue as to what you’re talking about!

Okay, if you say so, but consider the following:

• From any given point in America our food supply is a minimum of fourteen hundred miles away from us. Depending upon where you are at there is probably less then a week’s supply of food available to you.

• The life blood of American AND Europe is food and fuel, and that is transported over highways and roads to everyplace in the world. If fuel is unavailable then food becomes unavailable. When food becomes unavailable, then society will break down within three days minimum and people will begin to attack their neighbors in order to take what they have to feed their own families.

• The rule of law and moral codes will break down almost immediately because laws and morals mean nothing when it becomes a matter of survival.

• You would arm yourselves to protect what you have and would be willing to kill anyone and anything that would attempt to take what you have.

• Education ends immediately because when you are trying to survive there is no time to send your children to school, and if you tried you’d be marking yourselves and your children as targets.

Think about it! Right now, at this very point in our history we are faced with difficult choices. Choices that if we don’t make them we could very well see the future that I have outlined here.

Does it mean this will happen? No it doesn’t. But at the same time it is one of many possibilities. It has happened before in the history of our world. What makes you think it won’t happen again?

Now more than ever the planet finds itself in a position where it takes less than a minute for all of known civilization to go to war with one another.

Who will be the peace makers? Who will be the takers? Who is willing to stand up to the plate and say enough is enough?