Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is Obama a Dictator waiting in the Wings??

It seems that with several caucuses and the General Election just around the corner Barrack Obama is pushing the limits of his authority in order to make the Republican Congress look like a bunch of turkeys. The only problem with that is that he’s the one coming out of the whole mess looking like a possible dictator in the wings.

It is the general consensus of both the Republicans and the Democrats that Obama’s non-recess recess appointments have violated the Constitution of the United States and therefore are illegal. Which in itself is kind of a joke since this Congress for the past three and a half years hasn’t given the Constitution any kind of reasonable thought, and in fact has basically shredded it like so much paper.

With the passage of the NDAA bill in Congress and Obama’s signature on it News Years Eve day, a number of questions are being asked about what his final intent may be? Some have stated that the inflammatory language within the bill allowing the U.S. Military to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely without charges and without trial has been changed. Some argue that in point of fact the language has not been changed and the military still has the power under the authority of the President. Whatever the true facts are, it is my opinion that the next several months are going to become very interesting.

It has already become obvious to most conservative Americans that Obama feels that he is not subject to the rules of the Constitution and the authority of Congress. He has already made it clear that if he is not given what he wants from Congress he’ll take what he wants by executive order. Doesn’t that sound just a little bit like a dictator? His appointment of Richard Cordray to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau while both the House and Senate were on the Christmas break is a classic example of this. Obama arguing that Congress was in recess and the Congress arguing that they weren’t since a recess is considered more than three days and both John Boehner and Harry Reid both followed the accepted practice of convening and then recessing the House and Senate on the second day of the Holiday break.

The questions now become ; did Obama break the law? And if he did does this constitute an impeachable offense? Will there be a move to impeach Obama before the elections, and if so what happens?

Interestingly a Georgia Judge had ruled that Obama cannot appear on the Georgia ballot for the Presidental elections until his shows the court his original birth certificate. Obama’s people are currently fighting to have this rulling over turned and under the ruling Obama doesn’t have to appear in court. Just his “original” birth certificate. My question is; if he has an original birth certificate showing that he does in fact qualify under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution to hold the office of the Presidency, why doesn’t he just show the damned thing?

You think maybe it’s because he doesn’t have one and has been lying to the American people from the very beginning?

I once caught heat for making the statement that for all appearances Obama looked and acted like a African Dictator. As each day goes by this is becoming more and more what it looks like.

With the NDAA in place and the possibility of Obama having the authority to order the military to arrest and detain American Citizens indifinitely without out charges or trial it could be that countless Americans who have vocally objected to his administrations actions, myself included, could suddenly disapear in the night. Something that has happened in African Regimes.

With Obama’s actions, and apparent attitude toward America and the Constitution it would appear that there is a distinct possibility that something is about to go wonky.

If it does go wonky what will the American people do? Then again what will the American men and women of the military do?

Whatever does happen, it is a sure bet that the American people are about to be screwed and we won’t even be given the bennefit of a kiss or a reach around.