Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lie Obama Lie!!

As each day goes by its beginning to look as if Obama may well win re-election. I’m not exactly sure why it looks this way but in light of everything I’m seeing … well what can I say.

I guess that I am basing all of this upon the fact that I am seeing things that apparently no one else is. Obama talking about nothing during his campaign tour. No real issues or solutions to problems. Almost exactly like it was when he ran for office the first time. The only difference now is that he isn’t talking about “Hope and Change”. That one is pretty much a dead horse. In fact now that I think about it he really doesn’t have a solid campaign slogan. Nothing that the American people can latch onto. Which, if you think about it is actually kind of frightening. Maybe it should be something like “Your Screwed Now”!
So far all he’s really done is talk about everything except the really important stuff. I don’t know, you’d think maybe jobs, the economy, government spending, and perhaps budget cuts might be important topics? Just the small things that are a part of our current problems. But no, he’s not talking about any of that stuff.
Bearing all of this in mind, and the fact that the major media outlets don’t seem to be too interested in doing anything but reporting what a great guy he is and attacking Romney or his wife. From my perspective, so what if his wife was a stay at home mom. As I was growing up I would have loved it if my mom had stayed home instead of working. As I remember it she worked two jobs. The one that supported my sister and me and gave us a home and clothing on our backs. Then the one where she would come home, feed us, make sure that we were clean, stayed healthy, and a host of other things that wouldn’t let her get to bed before eleven o’clock or midnight.
Yes it’s true that these days Romney has money, but it wasn’t always so, but of course to Obama he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Recently Obama was talking about his student loans and the fact he just managed to pay them off about eight years ago. Of course there was no mention of the fact that he obtained a huge grant for foreign students while he was attending Oxidental College before transferring to Columbia University. Oh yeah, I forgot. He was Barry Soweto from Indonesia at the time so that doesn’t count.
The one thing that he is doing is touting his so called involvement in the death of Osama Bin Laden. Unfortunately he’s not telling everyone the entire truth about that one. Seems that rumor has it that they’ve known where Bin Laden was for at least three years. If they didn’t then Christianne Ammenpour knew and said so on Bill Mahr’s show on HBO. If rumors are true it was Leon Panetta who made the decision to go for Bin Laden, not Obama. Apparently Obama was informed after the fact and pulled into the situation room and told to sit down and shut up.
Ok…here’s where the libs are going to go nuts and the conservative may say whoa!! But as a bit of a historian I can’t help but think about one of the 20th Centuries favorite madmen, Adolph Hitler. (Laughing hysterically)  Seems that one of the major considerations concerning Hitler was the fact that he was also surrounded by individuals with their own personal agendas. You know, people like Goering, Himmler, and several others. Odd how the similarities between Obama and Hitler just keep adding up.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really comparing Obama to Hitler … hmmm … ok, I am. But I suppose that’s better than comparing him to an African Dictator.
The frightening thing about all of this is that Obama has through his actions, statements, and general attitude shown that he doesn’t care one whit for the United States.  He has been caught in so many different lies that now most people just seem to take it as a matter of course. Now he’s continually pandering to the American People and they are happily accepting it.
So what’s next?
Well, I tend to think that if he is re-elected we are basically up the creek without a paddle. The economy will fail, people will lose their homes, energy will be at a premium, and food will be hard to find. Certainly not the apocalypse, but certainly not the America we know. In fact I would venture a guess and say that while you can maybe you should learn Mandarin Chinese.
One thing is for sure and for certain . . . if Obama is re-elected, within four years your aren’t going to recognize America.