Sunday, April 22, 2012

We've seen what he's done. Now what is he going to do?

The election cycle is in full swing now and primaries are happening all over the place. From the looks of things it appears that Romney is going to be the Republican Candidate, and of course Obama is the Democrat pick.

The one thing that I have yet to understand is how could the Democrats pick someone who is so obviously a looser? That doesn’t mean he’ll lose the election. In fact Vegas odds makers are giving two to one odds in favor of his winning. Which really kind of sucks since it means four more years of this asshole. This time around he’ll be a lame duck, which basically means that he isn’t worried about winning another election or for that matter offending the American People. It also means that if he does win we are going to see things that no one in the history of this country ever thought they’d see.
I’m not particularly fond of Romney, but my feeling is better him than Obama.
Over the past three years we’ve watched as Obama has taken this country on a roller coaster ride from hell. He and his followers have managed to re-ignite racism in this nation where we were once on the verge of stamping it out. Only this time the charge of racism seems to come to anybody and everybody who disagrees with his policies or actions.
His Attorney General has literally engaged in illegal activities with operation Gun Runner and somehow or other there has been little to no accountability for his actions. We know that the White House knew what was going on, yet there doesn’t seem to be anything that anyone can do about it. We also know that Holder has made criminal prosecution cases go away.  I.E… the Black Panther’s voter intimidation case.
For the past three years it seems like America has been an insane asylum and it’s been the lunatics running things.
We’ve watched as Obama has literally nationalized industry, bilked the America People out of their hard earned money with his ridiculous stimulus packages while seeing to it that it was his political cronies who benefited and not the American People. We’ve also watched as he has taken this country down the road to financial ruin all the while blaming Bush and Reagan for it. We’ve also watched as he has given money to so called green industries that were failing to begin with and then gave them even more money to fail with.
Recently Ted Nugent expressed his displeasure in a way that he probably shouldn’t have and now he is paying the price for it. But if you think about it, he didn’t say anything that most of the American People with any common sense are thinking or feeling.
Obama has managed to take a nation that was once united and divide it straight down the middle. On one side are Americans who love freedom and care for this country. We believe that this country is the greatest country on the earth. On the other side there seem to be a bunch of nut cases who believe that Obama is God and that everything he does is perfectly acceptable. Even when he does things like signing executive order signing away our national sovereignty.
Then there is of course the Affordable Health Care Act, commonly known as Obama Care. When will those idiots figure it out? It isn’t about health care. It’s about the total and absolute destruction of the Constitution of the United States. It is about being the biggest transfer of power from the people to the government in the history of this nation. Yet there are those who think it’s wonderful.
You know what!? The more I think about everything that has happened over the past three year the madder I get. And what pisses me off more than anything is the fact that no one in either political party is using any kind of common sense.
Obama has done NOTHING for this country except diminish it. He has made every effort to destroy this nation from within and every effort to turn it into a toothless lion that no one respects.
As each day passes I see more and more Americans suffering from his policies and failure to do the job that he was hired by the American People to do. As the President he is the servant of the American People. His job is to see to it that this country maintains its integrity and honor. That the problems of the American people are solved by finding viable solutions to those problems without destroying its economy or for that matter destroying what American stands for and represents.
He had better realize that he is not the King of America, and that he works for us. We do not and never will work for him!
I'm not sure that Romney would make a good President, but at least he would make a better President than Obama. The one thing that we as American must do is see to it that the Democratic majority in the Senate is taken away from them by voting in Republicans and maintaining the majority of Republicans in the House. Then we have to watch the Republicans as carefully as we can in order to make sure that they don’t pull the same crap that the Democrats have been pulling for the past three years.
Goddammit! Get off your asses and get out there and vote! You are about to loose America!