Friday, August 24, 2012

You Need to Think!!!!

Over the past four years, I have talked about our government, the United Nations, Obama, and a host of other problems, fears, and scenarios. Moreover, over the years there have been a few of you who have graciously read my blogs and comments. Before I begin, I want to thanks all of you who have read my blogs. I hope that somewhere along the line I have at least made you think a little bit about what is happening to our country.

In three months, America will once again cast their vote for who they want to lead our nation. Romney or Obama. I can’t honestly say that Romney gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that I would hope to have when voting for a Presidential candidate, but at least he doesn’t give me the cold chills up and down my spine that Obama gives me every time I think about another four years of him. Frankly now, if it’s a question of Obama or a trained chimp, them the chimp will win every time as far as I’m concerned. Therefore, in case you’re wondering, yes, Romney is getting my vote. Why?

During this election cycle, I have noticed three things. The first being that every time Romney starts to try and talk about issues, Obama’s crew start accusing him of extraneous bullshit such as; he made his dog ride on the roof of his car. The dog was in a special carrier designed specifically for that. So What!? Next, he’s accused of killing a man’s wife who was dying of cancer because of Romney’s health care in his home state. Not only did Obama’s people make sure the public heard this slanted viewpoint and comment, but they made sure some fat assed Democratic Matriarch made the public comment that Romney could possibly be, if not was, a felon. Not once during this entire campaign has Obama really, really, sat and talked economic policy, jobs, taxes, or any of the major issues that are plaguing this country. In addition, every time Romney tries, they come up with some other nonsensical baloney.

Four years ago, I asked Obama in an open letter how he was going to fix what he did not know or understand. I was immediately called a racist and fired from my job as a newspaper columnist. Now its four years later and I have my answer, racist or not, he can’t fix anything. In fact, he is the cause of more problems in America now than what there were under Bush. Which brings up the subject of Obama’s BOB’ing (Blame it on Bush).  Whenever he’s asked a specific question on such things as the economy, or joblessness, he immediately says that it’s not his fault, but that it is Bush’s fault. If I were Bush, I’d tell him to stick it up his ass and start accepting responsibility for his own crap because I have a hard enough time dealing with the stuff I actually did.

At this point even the Democrats are starting to raise their eyebrows and the liberal media is actually starting to ask the real questions.

My question to you is this; Are you willing to accept four more years of this shit? Are you willing to run the risk of America disintegrating into absolute and total chaos? Or the possibility of even having foreign troops in America to enforce Marshal law?

When you go to the polls, (if you are able) you need to think about these things.