Monday, October 8, 2012

Like a voice crying in the wilderness.

          For the past 4 1/2 years, I have written this blog, I have broadcast my show Plain English and I have talked about the damage that has been created by the Obama administration, and by the United Nations.

          I have done everything I possibly can to warn the American people of the impending crisis that will happen in America.  What astounds me is the fact that nobody seems to be listening.  The facts are there, everybody can see them, and yet nobody wants to acknowledge that this country is about to enter into a phase the likes of which nobody has seen since the dark ages.

          After careful consideration, I have reached conclusion that it does not matter whether Romney or Obama wins the upcoming election.  When Obama arrived in office, he immediately set out to denigrate America and its greatness through his various apology tours.  Within a very few months he had managed to place this country into financial ruin and failed to accept responsibility for his actions by blaming former President Bush.  Bush, on the other hand, had enough class not to respond to Obama's allegations.

          Romney on the other hand, has a dilemma that may well affect both his chances for election and possibly reelection.  One thing is for certain.  Romney will become the most unpopular president since Obama simply because he has to fix what Obama has destroyed.  By doing so, he will have to take drastic measures in order to accomplish what needs to be done and bring America back into the greatness that it once deserved.

          Needless to say, America is headed for a time that we are not going to be ready for, whether we like it or not.  I foresee in the future the absolute and total collapse of the American economy.  Some of you may say that I am being alarmist, yet at the same time I would point out to you that the evidence is clear.  Increased gas prices represent increase food crisis, if Obama is reelected and able to put into place his plan for  CAP and trade, it will mean an increase in electric rates, transportation rates, and general living expenses.  In addition, while the Liberal Democrats will deny it.  I have read Obama's affordable health care plan and I can honestly tell you that they have changed very little in it.  It still requires a board to review medical treatment; it still requires an age versus productivity analysis, which essentially amounts to nothing less than a death panel.  Where the decision to treat anybody over the age of 70, who is no longer productive may result in what has been euphemistically described as a death panel, allowing a nonproductive American over a certain age to die from lack of treatment.

          Obama care, also still has the clause, which allows for criminal penalties and imprisonment for failure to have medical insurance purchased under the rules of Obama care.  Now before you liberal watchdogs, start in on me and call me a liar and start to produce bullshit facts, I suggest that you read the entire 2000-page document in full before you open your holes.

          The time is come for all true Americans to stand up and state clearly, what they want for this country.  The Time has also come for all true Americans to stand up and tell the United States government that they represent us as Americans we do not represent them as a government.

          Whether you care to believe it or not America is surrounded on all sides by enemies.  These enemies include not only the Muslims and Islam, but they also include the United Nations, who would see to it that America falls under a world government and under the dominion of the United Nations.  Already we have seen the evidence of the United Nations trying to dictate to America through treaties that include the world court, Codex Allemtarius, and gun control.  Already president Obama has signed an Executive Order that allows Interpol, the international police organization, to enter the United States with the power to arrest, detain and transport any American citizen out of the country without even consulting the highest legal authority of this country, that being the FBI.  In essence he has authorized the kidnap of American citizens to be prosecuted by a foreign court, rather than by courts within our own country.  What the fuck!  When in the history of this country has a president ever allowed a foreign country to enter into our lands grab our people and take them to another country for criminal prosecution?  Most especially under the sanction of United Nations and the world court's?

          Obama's list of constitutional violations is so long at this point it's difficult to account for everything that he is done.  The liberals will do everything in their power to say that I and others like me are telling lies and fibs, and that we do not know what we are talking about.  Yet once again the evidence is clearly there for everyone to see.

          Those of you who are reading this blog, come from many countries as well as from the United States.  Many of you have been able to see what is going on in America, also many of you have watched and waited to see what will happen.  Let me tell you right now, America is about to enter into the darkest period of its history.  Unless things change dramatically and very quickly you'll see a nation that will suddenly degenerate into a nation of chaos.  There will be food riots, there will be electrical riots, there will be gas riots, and in the end, America will become worse than a Third World nation.

          Our government will fail, and whoever is president, whether it be Romney or Obama, will be forced to take draconian measures in order to ensure tranquility and peace.  For my money.  If Obama remains in office he will not hesitate to call in United Nations peacekeeping forces.  At which point it will become open warfare between Americans and anybody wearing a UN blue beret.  As an American I do not advocate violence, nor do I advocate revolution.  But there will come a time when the American people must and will stand up against government that has gone insane with power.  Our forefathers foresaw this possibility, and as a result made sure that the Second Amendment was in place to make it possible for American citizens to protect themselves from such a government.

          Over the years I have talked about these things, I've spoken of the possibilities, and I have also spoken of the constitutional violations that have been taking place right under our noses as American citizens.  It is my deepest hope that you as Americans and the citizens of the world know and understand that Americans are a totally different breed of human-being from those of the rest of the world.  For generations.  We as a people and we as a nation have known nothing but freedom.  It is a part of our genetic makeup, and it is a part of the very fiber of our being.  I call upon all Americans and citizens of the world to stand up and support the freedom that generations of Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for.  It is now time for us as Americans to pull together and make known to the government that we will not stand any further for the graft and corruption that is taking place in a government that was founded by the people and for the people of the United States of America.  If we as Americans can pull together our future can be bright, we can lead the rest of the world into the future, and despite those who would see us destroyed.  We can, we must, and we will make it a brighter and stronger America through our efforts and our belief in freedom.  Please do not let my voice be the only one crying in the wilderness, please stand up and fight for what is right, I cannot do it alone.