Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Will History Remember Us????

It’s a quiet night and as I sit here trying to figure out what is going on in my life and what I am going to say to make you the reader understand just how bad things really are, a thought occurs to me.
One hundred years from now, it’s not going to make a damned bit of difference. No, really, thing about it for a moment, is it really going to make a difference?
Think back to those who came before us. For example, let’s take the ancient Romans. Historians can tell us in general terms how they lived, how some of them died, the gladiators at least. Yet they cannot tell us about the people of Rome. They are unable to talk to us about the vendor on the street, or the grain merchant, or for that matter the little guy who made the sandals that everyone wore. They can’t tell us of their lives or their loves. They can’t talk about their families or who they loved and cared about. They can’t even tell us their names or that they mattered. What’s even more disturbing is that these people who came before us have been forgotten and their names are never remembered. These ones made Rome what it was and what would be represented in history.
Now, as we look to the future of the United States we are faced with the same dilemma. In one hundred years no one will remember us, who we were, what we stood for or why. Like Rome, we will become a footnote in history tied to the change of America, and some schmuck who thinks he is an expert American History will write about the rise and fall of the American Empire. He will never know or understand what America represented or stood for. He will only look at the events and record them as a moment in time, something to be considered and nothing more. He will never know what the idea of what the Constitution meant nor of the bill of rights. In the end, those of us who are alive today will never be remembered nor will anyone even care that we existed. A hundred years from now they will be digging up our graves and looking at our bones and making untrue assumptions about our lives without even understanding that we mattered or that we cared about our country and the world around us.
What makes this more pertinent is the fact that whomever that historian may be will have absolutely no understanding of what we were or why we fought so hard to protect what we believed was America. The reason being is that he will have absolutely no understanding of what it was because he will live in a society that is completely opposite of what we were. He will never understand the freedoms that we enjoyed and fought to protect.
What he will see is an America that failed, and failed because of the takeover of a modern day dictator and Caesar. That of course being Obama the great socialist and first Caesar of America.
Already they are talking of a third term for Obama. Which means that Congress must repeal the law, which limits terms for Presidents? Evidence has already shown that Obama is a socialist and most likely a Muslim, which means that there will not only be a political war but a philosophical war. If Obama is re-elected, we will most certainly watch, as America becomes a third world nation rife with all of the problems that third world nations suffer from. Starvation, lack of the rule of law, and even if law exist it will be oppressive and brutal.
As I write this, I understand that there is the possibility that I will be arrested by the secret Nazis of Obama, tortured and possible die for my beliefs and for my love of an America that once was.  One hundred years from now anything that I might say or have said will not matter. I will die and I will never be remembered for anything. My name will never appear in the historical record and neither will yours. We are as nothing unless we stand up now and fight what is taking place. We must stand against Obama and we must stand against the United Nations, which would have us become a part of their world order. Already they are monitoring our election process. To this, I say “Fuck You,” and exhort all local and state election commissions to enforce the laws of the land and prevent interference with the American Electoral process. If the United Nations Representative is present and in the polling location, remove him, and tell him or her that they must stand at least one hundred feet away. If they refuse then remove them. If local law enforcement refuses to move them than stand for America and move them yourself. Have the courage and intestinal fortitude to stand for America. Tell the United Nations that they can go fuck themselves. Your name may not be remembered in history but at least you stood for America.
At this time in history we are faced with a moment when we as Americans are about to lose everything that American has stood for for almost 236 years. Stand up, be counted and make a difference. History may not remember yours or my name, but it will remember that we as Americans fought for America and stood to be counted.