Friday, November 2, 2012

What will the future bring if Obama wins??

Today is the day!! Will You vote for a renewed America or one that will be destroyed??

With just a few days left before the election there are more than a few questions being asked by both the political pundits and the people in general. Among them is; what effect will Hurricane Sandy have on the North Eastern seaboard and polling there?
Frankly I think, for what it’s worth, it’s going to have a big effect. While Mitt Romney seems to be the choice of just about all of the conservatives in America, it is still a fact that the Electoral College (may its face be forever black) will decide the election. Which brings up the point once again as to what effect Sandy is going to have on the election? Bearing in mind of course, that Obama could lose in the popular vote but still win with the college vote.
After viewing Dinesh D’Souza’s “Obama’s America 2016,” I have to admit to a certain amount of fear as to what the future will bring for America, its economy, and the quality of life. Now with Hurricane Sandy, it seems that even nature is conspiring against America. Isn’t it interesting how small events (on a historical perspective) seem to be able to change the course of history?
We know that at the heart of Obama he is an anti-colonialist and socialist. D’Souza’s film clearly demonstrated that fact. We also know, through Obama’s actions, that he has little regard for America, its Constitution, or even its greatness. In addition, while it is true that America seems to have filled the void left behind by the British Empire, and all of the other Empires that have come before it, America’s role seems to be confused with that of Empire and World Peace maker. Moreover, while I’m not going to sit here and claim that America is perfect and that historically certain administrations have not had empirical aspirations, I will say that for the most part America and its people have always been available to help those who have asked, and stood for freedom. The problem we are faced with is the simplistic idea that everyone wants to be free like those of us in America. This being the case, we have been trying to watch everyone else’s back and have been neglecting watching our own.
I understand the need for America to take part in world politics, but at the same time, I feel it necessary for us to take a step back and take care of our own problems before trying to take care of the rest of the world’s problems.
Over the past four years, we have watched as the Administration of Barrack Hussein Obama has tried to spend us out of an economic crisis while asking the basic truism; why are we spending money we don’t have? We’ve watched as he has nationalized the auto industry and forced several banks in our nation to either close or conform to his idea of economic solidity. We’ve also watched as he has forced the “Affordable Health Care Act” down the throats of American’s knowing full well that the cost of such a program is unsustainable and above all is inherently unconstitutional. How do you make a third world country? You destroy its economy and socialize it. From all appearances, it seems that ol’ Barrack is carrying on his father’s dream. Destroy colonialism in all its forms, even if America is actually not a colonialist country. In fact, it just seems that he hates America. He’ll keeping spending our hard-earned money, passing it out to nations who hate our guts and would gladly slip a knife between our ribs at the first chance, and forcing us to pay more and more for his insane economic policies.
I once compared Obama to that of an African Dictator, and I caught a ton of heat for it, but after four years, it seems that I was right. What will the future bring for us?
If Obama wins this election, we can look forward to more taxes. We can also look forward to crippling energy cost and a breakdown in our nation power grid. Food shortages and food riots. Poverty that will make the some third world African nations look rich by comparison. A total breakdown in law, and even the possibility of United Nations Troops coming onto America soil to keep the peace.
If the government hasn’t totally broken down by then, we might even see the repeal of the 22nd Ammendment that will allow the Obamanator run for a third and if he hasn’t completely destroyed America by then, even a fourth term. One certain reality is that the United Nations will be constantly monitoring our elections. That’s already started. My feeling is to make sure that the Obamanator will win and win and win at every turn, in order to ensure that the UN will always have some control over us.
Here there is one of two possibilities, Americans will roll over and accept what is being forced upon them or we will once again see states leaving the Union as they did during the civil war and fighting for independence as we did during the American Revolution. Then again maybe not.
The one thing that I believe that I can predict with a certain amount of accuracy is that four more years of Obama will drive America to the very brink of a new dark age. We will no longer enjoy the freedoms that currently exist, and we will be forced into a new dark age filled with chaos, violence, and depravity. It won’t take much when you have people starving for those people to begin to take what they need from those who have when they don’t have anything. The old adage that we are only nine meals (three days) away from total chaos is absolutely the biggest truism there is. When that happens, all hell will break lose and society will break down to the very basic instinct of survival of the fittest.
You may think you’re ready, but the reality is that no matter how much you prepare, you’re not. For my part, I believe that when the United Nations Peace Keepers roll into town hunting season has just opened and UN Blue is on the game list.
Tell me, do you want your neighbor cooked with an apple in his mouth or just plain?